By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Ladies, zip up your purse”
  1. And when caught, should loose a finger or two. No anesthetic. (First offense. Second, the whole hand.)
    Never happen here, though.

  2. its not so much “zipping” things up as it is being completely OBLIVIOUS to a thing standing inches away from them… You won’t get with in 20 feet of me and I will look right at you. people are fukkin numb to whats around them.. and then when it happens they are amazed someone would rob THEM… as a well known motorcycle club once said- stupid should be painful…. it will take ordinary citizens to stand up to these slime criminals and then stand up to the slime district attorneys and judges who coddle asshole criminals

    1. That, there. 👆
      If someone edges that close to me, I move away, or look directly at them (and their hands) I also look to see if someone is coming up from the other direction.
      But, first and foremost, I avoid getting into a situation where someone “could” sneak up like that. Granted, that is not always possible, but there was plenty of space for this woman to move about. Yet, she didn’t.

  3. Had someone larger crowd me at the local C-store. I moved as far away as I could while paying, and kept something between my wallet and goods, and the man. He grinned and seemed to enjoy bugging me. The cashier acted nervous, so I got my stuff and got the heck out, watching my back trail as I went.

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