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Seriously, Trumpkins, listen. Regular boring conservatives like me have already said we’ll vote for Trump in the general now that we’re stuck with him because of your hubris. It doesn’t help for you to keep barking at me about how I should deny reality and blow smoke up peoples’ asses about how awesome your guy was and will be. 

Sorry, I’m not a revisionist history ass kisser with memory issues like you guys. It doesn’t do you any good to yell at people who actually paid attention to this shit while it was happening. Besides, I think they’re our employees, not our fucking monarchs, so all this one way loyalty shit you keep going off about makes me want to barf. 

But people like me ain’t your problem. Every R in America could go full Trump Train and we’re still gonna get fucking trounced in the general unless you somehow convince purple swing state Americans in the suburbs that Trump is all that great stuff MAGA believes about him. Which the last few elections have demonstrated they clearly don’t, they kinda hate his guts, and that’s even before he’s a convicted felon, so good luck with that. 

Meanwhile, the rest of us who actually believe in archaic shit like “principles” have been getting mooed at all day to UNITE by a bunch of fucking herd animals, because apparently now we’re all supposed to shut off our fucking brains off and piss away our dignity and buy in on Laura Loomer’s latest batshit fucking crazy conspiracy theory about the Atlantic using numerology to call for assassinations or the Cobra Weather Dominator or some shit, or we are traitors who hate America. 

Anyways good luck convincing those swing state soccer moms! I’m just gonna be over here stockpiling more canned food and ammo awaiting the apocalypse. Then in November I’ll vote for Trump, and when we get fucking rolled because we were dumb enough to walk into the democrat’s obvious trap, I’ll try to resist the urge to say I told you so. 

I’d love to be wrong, and in the off chance Trump wins, I’ll congratulate you for your prescient wisdom, and look forward to four years of Trump hiring more incompetent swampy ass kissers, while keeping my fingers crossed for more decent SCOTUS appointments. 

So you get off my fucking back now. 🙂


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Larry has an amazing way with words”
  1. wow….. maybe Im an idiot but I thought 2016-2020 was a pretty good time once I stopped listening to thescreaming liberals….the way politics are now I think we could elect Jesus to the white house and a bunch of so called Americans would piss and moan about it.. either way, the wife and I will be ok.. We are prepared.. and stopped listening to the distractions a long time ago..

  2. Where is everyone finding these Trumpsters? The ones that are getting in people’s business for no reason?
    Are there really that many of them out there?
    Honestly, it is beginning to look like the DeSantis supporters are the thin skinned ones here.
    Everyone. Calm the F down! No reason to do the Democrats job for them. Get over it.

  3. Isn’t this the kind of stuff you just complained about in the last post, but from the other direction? I mean, the guy is literally talking down to people like me.

  4. This is the same play the dems/media played the country on nine years ago.
    Trump was the media’s pick for their favored candidate to win against, it should have been smooth sailing past Trump once they eliminated Cruz, Carson and the other strong contenders.
    Their plan backfired, and the media spent the next four years blaming the other side of the world for their mistake.
    Nikki Haley was this cycle’s inflatable doll to beat, but the media has a credibility problem that only got her a quarter full.

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