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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “Larry Vickers & Tactical Mexican Carry.”
  1. It’s not the method of carry, IMHO. It’s the gun that doesn’t have a positive manual safety. This is the reason that, while I MIGHT consider a Glock for a house gun, I would NEVER use one for concealed carry.
    And for you glockophiles out there, lest you get your dander up about how “your brain is your safety!!!!” the reason Gaston Glock didn’t put a manual safety on his design was because he carried a pistol(not a glock) around for awhile before designing the glock and figured since HE wasn’t able to remember to flip off his pistols safety, the Austrian troops his gun was meant for wouldn’t either.
    Nice to know your guns designer thinks you’re stupid.

    1. Seriously, dude?

      People have been shooting various body parts while reholstering ever since there have been multi-shot implements for throwing bullets. Appendix carry just puts a different part of the body in the flight path. My observation is that reholstering appendix carry almost forces the shooter to point the muzzle at things they would rather not shoot, and that are very near large arteries which means when the gun goes off there is a higher chance of Something Really Bad happening.

      That being said, I prefer others to use appendix carry if the choice is between that and a shoulder holster – I’d rather they be the backstop than me or anybody else.

      Larry Vickers is being practical from a risk management point of view. Being as it is that or risk going out of business I support his decision.

      stay safe.

    2. And yet millions of Glock carriers worldwide manage to go whole weeks without an ND.
      Mr. Murphy can be kept at bay by proper training, but he’s always lurking. That’s why I never appendix carry anything, not even a revolver.
      By the way, the only two fatal NDs I personally know of were both done with 1911s. Careless people are careless people, regardless of their equipment.

    3. Brownell’s, at one time, sold a manual safety kit to add one to your Glock. I never installed one, but I understand it was very easy to do. Never owned one myself, and it wasn’t the lack of a safety. My problem had more to do with the grip angle.

      1. The grip shape is the reason I also do not like glocks, though the new gen 4s are far more tolerable. Sig fits my hand nicely in most cases. I prefer guns without a manual safety, but I also treat re-holstering like a sacred ritual. I devote my entire attention to the task, and do not take my eyes off the gun until it is secure. This process should work for any situation, since by the time you need to re-holster the threat should be over. Re-holstering is one of the most dangerous tasks in firearms manipulation, it should be treated as such.

    4. “It’s the gun that doesn’t have a positive manual safety.” Seriously?

      No, it’s just bad gun-handling, and an awkward position for anyone to re-holster.

      Manually-actuated safeties are just one more thing to remember when the “moment of truth” comes.

      Just use a proper holster, and keeper your finger off the trigger. A Glock won’t fire is the trigger is bumped; you have to actuate the center portion of the trigger to remove the internal safety.

  2. These days for me it is pocket, appendix, or shoulder holster. A gun in the waistband in the typically spots hurts my back more and puts more pressure on my guts, which is no good for me, to the point I find it very uncomfortable or even painful. I also prefer having more control over the gun with appendix carry.

    However even with those reasons I would never carry anything but my revolver appendix. I just am not comfortable risking putting a gun with a light and/or short trigger into a holster there. To me there is a certain safety factor with a trigger that takes 14 points to pull.

    So personally I guess I won’t be attending a Larry Vickers class, no loss to me IMO.But there are legitimate reasons why someone would appendix carry or use a shoulder holster, such as what I described above.

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