But more than anything else, I feel so angry at everyone, particularly other non-Latin whites, who appropriate and take for their own my people’s culture by parading around drunk on King Street with poorly painted fake sugar skulls. Can you all not see that you are desecrating the memory of my grandparents? Of my family and the loved ones we have lost to war, economic enslavement, oppression, and colonialism?

Source: White People, Please Don’t Paint A Sugar Skull On Your Face This Halloween

This really pissed me off. Why is this little idiot assuming those things are all over Latin America? I am posting my comment in his page here.

Well, since Halloween is October 31st and Dia de Los Muertos in November 1st, you may have an issues trying to falsely conjoin both in order to be properly offended.

That being said, I am offended by your assumption that all Latinos should be mad because of this. I have news for you: Not all Latin countries, in fact probably 80% of then do not have any cultural relation to Sugar Skulls (Calaveras) at all. It is a Mexican thing that the rest of your Spanish-Speaking brethren see as some weird Mexica stuff right along with Sombreros and Sarapes. In fact, you show up at a cemetery in South America wearing that make up, people will consider it an insult to their dearly departed and probably beat you on principle.

So, again for the Whites/Blacks and brutally misinformed Latino : Halloween is one day, Day of the Dead is another. Every country commemorates the Dia de los Muertos in different manner.

And please, stop trying to get the Oscar for “Best offended Millennial” of 2016. You call yourself Latino? Develop some cojones…. or at least try to reach puberty first.

And that is my piece. In Halloween, dress as you like and screw the sensitive jerkoffs.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Latino Millennial butthurt by Sugar Skull, assumes Latino is one culture.”
  1. Probably, that person has been taught that fine grained distinctions in culture only exist where useful. Assuming a Latin-American monoculture is not that different than assuming a European monoculture, or an African or Asian one. Never mind the fact that French and English fought bloody wars with each other for centuries, or that there is wide a divide between the Irish and Nordic races as there is between native Mexican and Spaniard families, or that either one is distinct even to language from Brazil. Nope, that wouldn’t do- its hard to show a unified front against the white patriarchy if you have to admit that you have no unified front, nor a unified enemy. Just keep reducing the argument until it becomes binary, that’s the thing to do. (/sarc)

  2. Amen.

    Growing up in Miami, the dominant Hispanic culture is Cuban with some other, mostly Caribbean Island, Hispanic cultures thrown in (Dominican, Puerto Rican, etc). There were also com pockets of South American, mainly Brazilian, here an there.

    Then some out of state Politician shows up and starts to run for President and says the same thing about Hispanic this Latino that in Miami as they did in LA and Houston. Then everybody wonders why the reception was not warm and welcoming. There is no history of Cuban migrant farm workers in Miami. The Cubans that came in the first wave after the Revolution were educated professionals and political refugees. It is a very different history. Thanks for ignoring it.

    As per the cultural appropriation, Cuban/Caribbean Hispanic is so pervasive that even if you are not Caribbean Hispanic, by heritage, you are by osmosis. I grew up eating as much Cuban crackers, media noches, croquetas, plantanos, and Iron Beer as I did Ashkenazi Jewish food, and a lot more than German. I attended a lot more quinceaneras than I did Oktoberfests. So is it really appropriation if it sunk into my through every visit to a friend’s house growing up?

  3. The whole concept of cultural appropriation is ludicrous given how hard most of the cultures I’m familiar with work to export their culture.

    Hawaiian hula dancing
    Japanese swordmaking
    Irish booze
    German booze
    Islamic mass murder and abuse of women

  4. This whole idea of “cultural appropriation” being a bad thing is wrong-headed to begin with. This country is *BASED* on cultural appropriation. We take the best things from every culture and we add it into the mix. You should be *PROUD* that something is being adopted outside of subculture and becoming more widespread. That’s what means it’s something we see as valuable. I mean, did we stop teaching “The Great American Melting Pot” in schools? Do I have to eschew playing the Blues on my guitar because I’m White? Do I have to stop eating kimchi because I’m not Korean? Do I have to stop drinking German-style beer and eating Italian dishes?

    Get over it. If we copy something, you should be happy about it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it takes nothing away from your traditions if we add it to ours.

    1. They quit the melting pot theory along time back. They now emphasize the theory of multiculturalism.

      And remember you can’t spell multicultural without cult.

  5. “did we stop teaching “The Great American Melting Pot” in schools?”

    Actually they DID. You are correct in that taking the BEST from each culture is a good thing, HOWEVER. The REgressives have convinced most people that when you come here you can bring ALL of the crap from whatever hell-hole you escaped from and you don’t need to assimilate into AMERICAN society. (even though we are generally a blend of many different cultures and not a mono-culture). They insist that all of these refugees can just create their own little island of depravity that they came with and don’t need to accept our laws or our ideals. It’s part of the Regressive attempt to divide and conquer and destroy America. I see it over and over and over in the public schools, in the government “PC training” and in the media.

    I have absolutely NO problem enjoying different cultures and peoples and experiencing some of the things from their lives. I DO have a problem when they arrive here and expect ME to accept or cater to the crap that created the failures they ran away from; much like the Kalifornians who ran away from the high taxes and societal failures that they helped create and now want to RE-create in places like Oregon, Colorado and Washington.

  6. Glancing through his other pieces on that site, I can sure see how he loves to gush about his leftist Communist/Socialist stance/agenda and how much he likes to use the term “Amerikkka.”

  7. Presumably this girl is American, so isn’t she just as guilty of appropriating a culture as she accused everyone else? There is no rich American tradition of sugar skulls that I’m aware of.

    Besides the real travesty is how you all appropriate and belittle my German heritage everytime you drink some cheap mass produced swill being called beer. The rheinheitsgebot is serious business!

    Obviously j/k. It just never ceases to amaze me how people who want multiculturalism then find some way to be pissed because their culture and “traditions” are being adopted and altered by white people. It’s the epitome of wanting it both ways.

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