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9 thoughts on “Layers and Layers of Editorial Oversight: CNN introduces new ammunition calibers.”
    1. My thoughts exactly! I have one brick left that I bought before the drought, and I really don’t want to crack the seal on it until I can set another brick behind it on a shelf, or it’s a new shooter who wants to take their first shots with me (I will burn any amount of ammo for that).

      So yeah, their “Horror” is my “out of ammo”.

  1. Man, adding a “.” and using metric made it look all the more scientificky!!

    Here in France they tend to embiggenate stuff: .38 becomes “38mm caliber” and so on !

  2. I watched the video of the S B police chief (I guess he was the chief) giving updates on what they found. It was almost comical they way they (the liars, I mean, “journalists”) had him repeating amounts and calibers, over and over, until there was great confusion as to how many rounds and what types were found where. He’d give a number, start to move on, and the liars’ club would start asking again. He’d stop, restate the number, someone else would re-ask the same question but with the wrong caliber, and he’d start over again.

    It’s no wonder that they can’t get anything right. Between their propensity to lie about pretty much anything, their own ignorance on the subject matter, and utter confusion that they create when getting actual information, it’s mind boggling that we get any correct or useful information at all.

  3. Yeah, about the “journalists”. I have a family member living on Cape Cod, and the Cape Cod Times sent an employee (I shudder to consider this lost soul a journalist) to the local (Barnstable? I do not recall, and am too lazy to unearth the clipping) citizens police academy likely in 2014, maybe in 2013. . This chucklehead described shooting a pistol, characterized as a little one, as being “22 mm”. True story. Then, described shooting some sort of AR pattern rifle, as large sized, scary (of course, to hoplophobes, it would be scary. Kinda like guns creeping beneath your bed at night, I suppose) and (this is a direct quote) “heavy. Wonder why dead tree MSM is atrophying?

  4. ZOMG! They found BALLISTICS! Holy Cow! I bet that these nefarious souls had chemistry, and maybe even philosophy (maybe some theology! Oh, The Horror!) in the police search!

    Sweet Smoking Jeebus! Such maroons!

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