USA Today said it has deleted 23 articles from its website after an investigation found that the reporter who wrote them used fabricated sources.

The journalist who is said to have used the fabricated sources was identified as Gabriela Miranda, a breaking news reporter who resigned from the Virginia-based newspaper weeks ago, the paper confirmed Thursday.

USA Today removes 23 articles after reporter fabricated sources

Another journalist caught fabricating quotes.

USA Today was contacted by somebody requesting a correction. When USA Today started looking into it they found that Miranda had attributed quotes to people that didn’t work at the organization she said they did. Other people attributed in quotes can’t be located for confirmation. Miranda attributed quotes to the wrong people.

In short, she was just making it up.

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  1. Frankly I’m shocked to learn that “sources familiar with X” or “sources familiar with X’s thinking” weren’t real! Shocked I say! /sarc

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