Seen over at the Book of Face was this brilliance:

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The responses went pretty much as you would expect, there were those who were somewhat pro gun, and those who… delved into the predictable territory of “Americans are stupid” and criticism of America’s gun culture.

Of course the “need” for assault rifles came up (i.e. why does anybody “need” them) and mandatory training was discussed.  Which resulted in typical pearl clutching.

Overlord 2

Well, allow me to retort. 

The reason smart people go “f**king crazy and think the government is coming for [our] guns” is because that IS the end game for some politicians.  Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) said exactly that 20 years ago.  Don’t believe me, let her tell you herself.

When the NY SAFE act was passed, it included a provision to have all high capacity (over 10 round) magazines, including ones that had been previously grandfathered in, either turned into law enforcement or disposed of out of state.  The County of Los Angeles just passed a similar law.  Connecticut banned the sale of new high capacity mags.  Yes it’s true that magazines are not guns themselves, but they are a crucial part of the gun.  More importantly, it is a step in the direction of a confiscatory gun ban.  Get the mags first.  When people get used to that, get the guns next.  Notice how these laws all come with registration of certain, if not all, guns AND magazines.

Hillary Clinton praised Australia’s confiscatory gun ban during the DNC primary.  The article by VOX is almost giddy about Clinton wanting to confiscate guns.

Smart people see the politics of gun control like a game of chess.  It is played in small moves.

We want full 50 state CCW, that is one of our goals.  We can’t get that all at once.  We win concealed carry in Illinois, now all 50 states have a CCW law.  Next we have to win changing may issue state to shall issue. That is on the move in Maryland.  Once we have 50 state, or near 50 state, shall issue, wining national reciprocity will be easier.

We want to end the NFA.  States easing NFA restrictions has been a step in that direction.  Now there is a bill to take suppressors of the NFA.  If that passes, SBR’s and SBS’s will be next.

They want to take our guns away.  We know that.  They make it very clear that they don’t like the idea of independent armed Americans.  They know if they go for a nation wide gun ban there will be pushback.  Clinton won the Brady Bill and the Dems lost control of Congress.  So they are playing small ball.  Registration in the states they know they can get that.  Confiscatory magazine bans in states where they can get that too.  Ease people into accepting confiscation.  First take the mags then what?  Take the assault rifles?  Make a requirement for “bullet buttons” on handguns?

We are calling them out on their end game.  We don’t want to give them an inch.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Learned from Experience”
  1. He needs to check out what is going on in NY and Ct. throw in Oregon and Wa with the do not comply movement. Up to 95% non compliance and the politicians don’t know weather to shit or go blind. Especially since most of the rank and file police told them it wasn’t worth their live for some agenda.

  2. Non-compliance is one of the biggies! And ‘their’ version of compromise is we give up everything, and they give up nothing… Not happening…

  3. But they’re not planning on taking our guns… okay, maybe just the scary assault rifle ones… and the semiautomatic handguns… and the easy to conceal revolvers… and the “high powered sniper rifles”…
    They’re planning on leaving us with that old single shot 20ga (which you’ll need three weeks of annual safety classes, full background checks, and a multi thousand dollar license to be renewed yearly). But that’s a gun, they say. Isn’t that enough?

  4. We have every right to be paranoid. The recent democides demonstrate that disarmed people are easily abused by their government, up to, and including mass executions.

    Let’s not overlook the abuses of power that we see in a bunch of governmental alphabet-soup departments such as…BLM, BATFE, NSA, IRS, EPA, DOJ and the entire Executive Branch.

    The stakes are simply too high to ever entertain the stupid idea of a limited or disarmed citizenry.

    I recommend that Sam Overland go away to a foreign country where they will respect his desire to be firearms free.

  5. They keep saying gun control,but it doesn’t take a genius to know what they are really after,complete control of our guns and us too.This needs to be stopped.

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