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2 thoughts on “Least We Forget”
  1. Oh,,, if the US government had had those soldiers on high alert, how many lives would have been spared. History suggests the government KNEW it was coming and did nothing. Even IF, they were not certain it was coming, war was inevitable and NO commander in the pacific theater did anything to prepare for it. Heck, the commander of the phillipines let his planes lined up on the fields even after hawaii was attacked.
    Almost like he was ordered to let thm be destroyed. ??? Only God and Satan know the truth for now.

    1. The aircraft being out on the field in nice straight lines was a direct response to the theater commander’s understanding of the threat. They were worried about saboteurs. By placing the planes out on the field, they could better protect the planes from the saboteurs. Of course, this made it much easier for the Japanese to destroy large numbers of aircraft via strafing runs.

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