Black women are the fastest growing demographic of gun owners for exactly the reasons Sherrie stated.  Crime is going up and they want to protect themselves.

Unfortunately, self reliance and gun ownership are not Democrat approved behaviors, so her fellow Leftist felt the need to remind her of her place as a helpless subject.


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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Left leaning black woman puts a toe outside the line of the Leftist’s plantation, other Leftists attack her for it”
  1. What’s really funny are some of the ‘hot takes’ spouted on Twitter where the gun-grabbers babble on about how ‘if we arm the blacks, those mean old ammosexuals will change their tune’.

    Which just proves how little they know about us.

  2. Noticed that she had to say “black owned” gun shops.

    Curious about that.

    Was it because she wanted to support black business owners? Or was it because she was afraid to go to a white owned gun shop? You know… systemic racism and all that.

    Interesting that her co-host had a note card with her prepared statements on it. Thought this was supposed to be friendly banter, not a scripted show.

  3. My mom listens to these harpies like Greek oracles.

    I can’t stand them when I hear them. Literally everything is race to them. Literally. I don’t think they are psychologically capable of not having a conversation that isn’t about race or inject race into it.

    You listen to Behar and Her logic seems to be is gun ownership itself is racist and you enable racism by owning a gun. I would not be surprised if they literally think the physical guns themselves are all white supremacists. Because that is how these harpies are programmed to think.

  4. I noticed one of her colleagues was spouting the infamous lies about “you’re more likely to be killed by a gun in your house than have it do any good”. Which is what Neil Schulman referred to as the “nonsense ratio” (or was that someone he cited?) — “nonsense” because it compares the rate of innocents killed vs. the rate of bad guys killed. That is garbage because it assumes that (a) the purpose of self-defense is to kill the attacker which it isn’t, and (b) that most or all of defensive gun use results in the death of the attacker — the actual number is about 2%.

    1. @pkoning: Not to mention Ye Olde Misleading Lame Stream Media term: Gun violence.

      My guns are very well behaved. They don’t even stay up past 11:00.

    2. Dr. Kleck and other researchers have shown definitively that that hoary old saw about “if you get a gun you will wind up shooting your family” is totally bullshit.
      The CDC has been pushing that narrative, despite tons of evidence to the contrary, for three decades.
      And that’s the go-to trope that the lefties always trot out.

  5. Joy Behar: If more blacks own guns, watch for more gun control laws. (Paraphrased)

    Gun owners are not going to want more laws. The Progressive Democrats are the only ones pushing gun control laws. They are the real racists, if they think normal black citizens with guns are a bad thing and need to be controlled.

  6. Blah, blah blah….the usual crap from leftists. The suicide stat is an oldie but goodie….honey, I bought a gun today – don’t you feel like shooting yourself now?

    Good for that women who got the gun and got trained, you are now not depending on the government to come save you.

    At the end Joy said if she had a gun she’s end up shooting herself…puhlease, pretty puhlease go get one. She can borrow one of mine.

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