I know nothing about the Gabby Petition case.

What I do know is that domestic violence, overwhelmingly exists within the same racial/ethnic/cultural groups.

It’s not difficult to understand why.  The majority of people still date and marry within their identity group, and it’s within the confines of these relationships that the violence happens.


I lived in South Dakota for six years.  I got to be quite familiar with the Lakota Sioux.

The rate of domestic violence and rape among the Sioux was off the fucking charts.

It was a combination of factors, including severe alcohol abuse, a grinding poverty of learned helplessness and government dependency that resulted in generational hopelessness, and a patriarchal culture that disrespected women.

Gang rapes by drunken men were not uncommon.

Domestic violence during drunken arguments was a common cause for arrest.  I’d watch my neighbors get arrested frequently for this very thing.

I remember my wife crying because we could hear one drunken violent fight coming through the walls of our shitty apartment from next door until the cops arrived.

Everyone knew this.

Locally, some people tried to do something about it.

Politically, it was a third rail.

It was racist to discuss the problem of drunken natives.  It was racist to discuss the dropout rate, welfare statistics, etc.

Whenever the topic of Native kids dropping out of schools came up, the response was “can you blame them for hating school given the history of Indian Residential Schools?”

But that excuse making never fixed the problem and Native kids dropped out or flunked out or got kicked out for behavior problems and the cycle continued.

It was a heresy to do a news story that put Natives in a bad light.  They were victims, abused by the government, living on the scraps of land they were allowed to have after America stole the rest.

But that meant when some Native girl got gang raped or abducted or beat to death or shot in a feud on the reservation or in the Native community, the story was buried.

So the media right now is suffering a philosophical crisis of their own creation.

This is what happens when they care more about the narrative than the truth, eventually that causes contradictory pinch points.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Leftist media did this to themselves”
  1. Yea, Im gettin tired of the “gabby” stories. All the keyboard quarterbacks come out to play. Contrary “opinions” and “facts” I just pass it by. Natives will never be forefront till they start the revolution…

  2. Pretty simple solution, if you ask me.

    Start covering stories when the missing girl is not a cute, white, blond teenager/early 20s.

    Oh… no, why do that. Instead, it is easier to blame society.

  3. Here is an idea.

    We need to get rid of the FBI and their political hackery and attempts to play Praetorian Guard.

    Replace it, but don’t abolish the FBI and have 35,000 arrogant and corrupt LEO infecting state, local and federal law enforcement agencies.

    Assign the replaced FBI to solve crimes on the Indian reservations. They already have jurisdiction, and they are the kidnapping experts. Supposedly 5,000 Native Americans disappear in the US every year. Looking at what happens in Canada and thier First Nations, it is very believable, The FBI will have a good and noble task to perform. One that should be performed. And if the stats are true, they will have a lot of new crimes to investigate every year, and a huge backlog to solve also.

  4. What Gabby Petito’s Case Says About Cops — And Us

    It doesn’t say anything about cops. If the police are honest (and most of them are), they are investigating every case they get called in on to the best of their ability. The process and workload don’t change based on the relative demographic of the missing person.

    As for what Gabby Petito’s case says about us … well … that depends on what you mean by “us”, doesn’t it?

    If “us” means “the public”, while it’s true that psychologically-speaking people tend to be more sympathetic to others who look like themselves, the public isn’t responsible for which stories the media chooses to cover — or which stories the media chooses to bury.

    If “us” means “the media”, that would be an interesting Freudian slip showing that they are at least sub-consciously aware of their bias in coverage. Pretty white girl goes missing, it’s a national headline for weeks and tens of thousands of words will be published on it. Native person goes missing … crickets.

    And again, that’s not the public’s choice. It’s purely the media’s.

    And the media shouldn’t claim that covering stories on missing Native people makes Native communities look bad. They can cover facts without assigning blame to any single person or community. Heck, they can cover the facts while portraying the perpetrators in a positive light if they want.

    They’ve been doing just that for years!

    Just look at how they cover BLM/antifa violence. Look how they covered Hillary’s email server. Look how they covered (and continue to cover) Biden’s many, many embarrassing gaffes. For every “blame Trump for everything!” story, there’s an equal number of “blame Democrats for nothing!” words penned.

    The media could give equal time to missing Native people. They choose not to.

    That’s what Gabby Petito’s case says about them.

  5. The past few years, the Canadian government was making a big deal about missing or murdered (but I repeat myself, alas) First Nations girls and women, and how the government needed to Take Action. Except . . . They are all disappearing on the Reserves, and no one dares to mention that it is probably not urban Anglos from Edmonton who are committing the crimes.

  6. Part of the problem with most of the Res systems is that the bad Reses have their own cops, who totally controlled by the Chief and the other leaders. Thus domestic violence and rape get covered up and any nosy person can and will suffer.

    Anyone who bucks the system can be un-tribed, which cuts out any of the monetary benefits and social benefits of being part of the ‘tribe.’ With some tribes, that’s some serious monthly moneys.

    But it’s racist to talk about this or something.

    There are good reservation systems, the Seminoles in Florida are one of the best, but far too many, especially the ones in the west, are trash.
    Everything that people think is wrong with Southern small town cops is what you can and will find on the Res, with corruption that would make even a seasoned Chicago politician cry out in horror.

    Then there are the reservations along the southern border that are actively involved with Mexican cartels to aid smuggling of drugs and people through the tribal lands. But, again, we’re not allowed to talk about that..

  7. “In the same area that Gabby Petito disappeared, 710 indigenous people— mostly girls—disappeared between the years of 2011 and 2020 but their stories didn’t lead news cycles …”

    Not sure Where Mr. Scott thinks she disappeared, unless he is talking about the whole state of Wyoming. The camping area where her body was found is just outside of Grand Teton National Park, not Zion as indicated by the photo. Not a lot of Native Americans live in this area. Like a lot of costal elites, Mr. Scott has no idea of the size or geography of the western states. And just who is responsible for not reporting the disappearance of the 710 people he is so concerned about? The news media perhaps?

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