Antifa and Black Lives Matter have joined in “solidarity” with the Palestinians murdering Jewish civilians in Israel.

They really don’t care about the quality of life of Palestinians in Gaza living under Hamas.  They just hate Jews and anything their hate can nucleate and consense around to precipitate violence is a good enough excuse to protest/riot/attack people.

Washington DC:


New York City:


One Leftist group, Decolonize This Space, went further and encouraged violence against Jews online.



Radical Leftists will go out and beat up and possibly kill Jews while feeling virtuous for it.

I’ve seen this before.  I know how it ends.

I was raised by my dad to believe that “never again” had to be backed up with bullets.

I didn’t have “Defend my family from a Pogrom” on my 2021 Bingo card, but here we are.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Leftist pogroms coming to a Blue city near you”
  1. And I’m sure the media is silent. Former president says protest peacefully and that is him inciting an insurrection. These people literally saying go do things and it’s a ok.

    Clown world now. Clown world tomorrow. Clown world forever!

  2. “Protestors block a truck from turning into 17th street. Police talk to him, potentially telling him he won’t be able to pass through.”

    Back the blue? Doing this crap, why should we?

    1. @Joseph Duchock:

      “Back the blue?”

      Sadly, I think that it’s management more than the line officers. Still, sometimes you have to decide between what is right and what is being asked of you.

  3. Low information individuals who get all their news (and thoughts) from social media. That is how we got pResident Biden.

  4. That slogan “from the river to the sea” means “we want Israel not to exist”, phrased in such a way that casual observers don’t understand the genocidal intent of that slogan.

    1. @pkoning,

      Nonsense. They just mean that they want fast WiFi from the river to the sea.


  5. I need to buy some antifa gear for the range and get accustomed to firing at, well, antifa gear. This will help me avoid future hesitation if confronted by a threat wearing, well, antifa gear. Train the way you fight.

  6. It’s not the self-defense that is the problem. It’s all of the leftist DAs that you have to dodge AFTER the defense that are the main issue.
    It ought to be easier to get rid of anti-constitutional, anti-liberty DAs than it is.

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