This story is insane.

An off-duty firefighter in Kansas City was killed in an altercation at a convenience store.

Missouri woman WON’T be charged with killing fireman after grabbing gun from her felon boyfriend – who was brawling with him – and shooting the first responder: Prosecutors say she acted in self-defense

The fatal incident started when the woman’s boyfriend entered a gas station to buy cigars.

Taylor became angry when the clerk in the gas station said she did not have the product he wanted. She then asked him to leave.

Santi, who was off-duty and in the store at the time, stepped in to help the cashier, and asked Taylor to leave.

The pair began scuffling, and the fight continued outside. In the forecourt, the two men were on the ground fighting.

Footage shot by a bystander shows Santi, who is white, overpowering Taylor, a slender black man, who squirms on the floor.

Taylor’s girlfriend appears and can be seen in the footage screaming: ‘Stop!’

The boyfriend then hands her a gun in his pocket, and she takes the weapon.

Taylor, a convicted felon found guilty of armed robbery in May 2019, was barred from possessing a gun.

‘Stop!’ she screams at Santi, as he tried to put Taylor in a head lock. ‘Let him go! My kids are in the car! You’re killing him!’

The woman then opens fire, shooting Santi in the back and fatally-injuring him.

Here is video from the incident.


Local news gives more details.

Woman won’t be charged in shooting death of Kansas City firefighter

The court document shows Taylor pulled a gun, and the two men started fighting over the weapon. A woman who arrived at the store with Taylor got out of a vehicle. The video shows her picking up the gun from Taylor.

The affidavit states the woman pointed the gun at Santi and shot him in the back.

Taylor is facing a weapons charge from the incident.

The very Leftist prosecutor is refusing to bring charges against the woman citing her right to self defense and Missouri’s Stand Your Ground law.

This is horseshit.

Taylor was a felon illegal in possession of a firearm.

He drew his gun on the firefighter after provoking a violent encounter.

The firefighter was well within his right to defend himself from Taylor.

The girlfriend then took his gun and shot the firefighter, claiming to defend her felonious boyfriend.


If you get mugged by two men, and you shoot one of the muggers in self defense, the other mugger can’t shoot you and claim self defense in return, because he was an accomplice to the original crime.

This girlfriend was traveling with a known felon in possession.

She shouldn’t have the right to defend her boyfriend against the man who was defying himself from her boyfriend.

But she’s a black woman and the firefighter was a white man, so for tye very first time a Woke Leftist prosecutor will use Stand Your Ground to avoid prosecution.

This is the stare of our political justice system.

The law is a tool of political enforcement, not justice.

It’s just too bad the firefighter wasn’t carrying and didn’t yeet them both.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Leftist prosecutor finally finds a SYG situation she supports”
  1. Typical liberal prosecutor believes their political activism is correcting a historical travesty, namely that whitey has done the same thing to black people that they are doing now to whitey. They will say, “Finally justice is going both ways”. The actual context of the self-defense law means nothing anymore. As J.Kb. said, it’s all about political justice as they view it and has nothing to do with actual justice. It’s a gross exaggeration of the context the original law was based on.

  2. Disagree with Dave and Curby.
    This is just an attempt to get Stand Your Ground stricken from the State Code.
    Watch this prosecutor turn this into a “you can kill them if they look at you wrong because of SYG.” situation. I see it coming, and if they pull it off in MO, it is coming to your state next.

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