Not a single person in the concealed carry community thinks that if you call the cops and they arrive on the scene, it’s okay to then try and shoot the people attacking you, especially one that turns around and runs away from you.

We all know that shooting a person who is trying to get away from you (in this case, the girl in the pink) is not a threat and therefore not a legitimate target.

If you draw and they run, the fight is over.  Shoot them in the back and you are a murderer.

Do that in front of a cop and be prepared to get shot yourself.

These people continue to think that SYG is a licence to kill whoever you want under any circumstance, then they project that stupid onto us.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Leftist proves again that they don’t understand SYG”
  1. Nope. As with “assault weapons”, it’s “The Big Lie”. Another form of battle space prep, so that, when The Blue Corona strikes, and cops are doing Amazon deliveries in the suburbs of Nowhere, and you defend your life lethally, you can be Chauvined, or Rittenhoused, anyway.

    Conditioning normies, who believe Da Nooz, to applaud the bus you are to be thrown beneath.

  2. But, some low level politician said it is a license to murder. So, you people who actually read the law, and have gotten some training are idiots. This assemblymember is the one I am going to listen to.

    Seriously, people are going to believe what they want to believe, until they are ready to listen to a differing opinion. Until then, you are wrong. End of story.

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