In case you missed it, in the UK a group of Leftist environmental activists have been attacking and disabling oil tankers to stop the flow of oil into London to protest climate change.


That’s bad.

But it gets worse (hint, go to 1:48):


All self-righteousness but not a intelligent thought in their heads.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Leftists are stupid and driven entirely by emotion”
  1. They are protesting against oil? Did you see what they are dressed in? The latest in warm weather synthetic clothes. Half of them are sitting on cushy yoga mats made from petrochemicals.

    Let Them protest away!

    If I were the police (and the prosecutor, and the judge), I would tell them “Sure, you can sit here glued to the road in March all day and all night until you confess to the crimes for blocking the road and agree to leave peaceably for jail. But in the mean time, we are confiscating every item including your plastic water bottles and every stitch of clothing made with any synthetic materials derived from petrochemicals, including your poly blend underwear.” Then do it. Let them freeze or broil in the sun. That maybe won’t be as fast in June or July.

    Alternatively, give them their wish. Go to their house, turn off the gas, pull their electric meter, and impound their car. Let Ms. “I’m Afraid for the Future” and her 5 brats live like 17th Century peasants. Just do not expect me to follow her insanity.

    1. If they were truly protesting petrochemicals, they wouldn’t be gluing themselves to asphalt now, would they?

  2. Cooking oil. 😂😂😂

    On another subject, J, the email I had for yo at GFZ didn’t work, so Chag Sameach!

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