Florida gets made fun of a lot.

That is 100% driven by projection from the New York and California media.

Florida is a state that learns its lessons and does better next time.

When we have a Category 5 hurricane that wipes a city off the map, we change our building codes, dump money into canals and breakwaters, mandate flood insurance, and rebuild in such a way that the next time a hurricane comes through, the damage is minimal.

Louisiana gets hit, almost floods does nothing to fix it, embezzles the money to fix it, gets turned into the Noah’s Arc story.

California burns down year after year and does nothing to mitigate the fires.

When a pandemic hits, other states lock down hard, then harder, then destroy their economies and accomplish nothing.

Florida locks down, sees it doesn’t work, unlocks and engages in good policy, and comes out better off economically with a lower than average mortality rate.

Florida has a race riot and looting after hurricanes.  Florida decides it won’t tolerate that shit and sends out the police in full force to stop it from ever happening again.

Everywhere else doesn’t enforce the law, drops charges against looters and rioters, has more looting and rioting, and suffers billions in economic damage.

Maybe, just maybe, the reason Florida’s protests were mostly peaceful was that the cops didn’t give the protesters an inch to burn from the very beginning.

Then DeSantis decided to double down and make sure protesters from out of state who wanted to come to Florida and start some shit knew that Florida operates on a policy of “fuck around and find out.”  If a bunch of Antifa from Portland think they can block traffic in Miami and assault drivers, they are going to be sorely mistaken.

Florida makes mistakes.  Every state makes mistakes.  The thing about Florida is that they don’t make the same mistakes twice.  And what DeSantis does best is that he gets out ahead of shit and fixes it by watching other states make these mistakes before Florida.

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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “Leftists do not understand cause and effect”
  1. Well when you start out w/ the premise ‘All republicans are racist white people’, the rest of the conclusions are obvious.

  2. First off, it’s a waste of precious mental resources and time to give Samantha Bee any thought at all. She’s an attention whore just trying to hold onto her spot on cable.

    Second off, If a bunch of Antifa from Portland think they can block traffic in Miami and assault drivers, they are going to be sorely mistaken. I’d almost pay to see that, as long as I didn’t have to stand close enough to get splattered. As momma used to say, “you don’t know where it’s been!”

  3. Know who else does not understand cause and effect? Toddlers.

    Always start off with the premise that a leftist is really a five year old in an adult’s body, and you will rarely be disappointed.

    1. More like a 2 year old, my 5 year old is starting to learn about cause/effect and consequences, my 2 year old on the other hand does not have the comprehension to understand such concepts.

  4. Louisiana gets hit, almost floods does nothing to fix it, embezzles the money to fix it, gets turned into the Noah’s Arc story.

    When I lived in New Orleans (ca. 1963), the levee board was widely recognized as the most corrupt, with rampant cronyism, and nepotism organization in Louisiana. That’s saying something for the home of Huey P. Long.

    1. Then again, didn’t the Army Engineers build those Jersey Barriers pretending to be levees? As a former Dutchman, I found myself ROFLMAO when I saw pictures of what passes for a levee in New Orleans.

  5. “ Louisiana gets hit, almost floods does nothing to fix it, embezzles the money to fix it, gets turned into the Noah’s Arc story. “

    Posting as a former long haul trucker, you mean New Orleans, not Louisiana. The people of Louisiana, after hurricanes, are out there working seven days a week to repair the damage, better than before. New Orleanians whined/cried/bitched/wet their pants waiting for somebody to help/save them. Until the illegal aliens showed up to work, then it’s New Orleans is a chocolate city, stay away. Phuck’em.

  6. Southern Florida gets hit with back-to-back hurricanes (starting with Hurricane Charlie, I want to say 2003-ish?), and the legislature changes insurance law so that homeowners can file a single claim for total damages and not separate claims based on the name of the storm.

    What this did was prevent homeowners from having to file two claims — read: pay their deductible twice — when a second storm comes through before they can fix the damage from the first.

    The State saw a problem for their citizens and fixed it.

    California and New York don’t do that; those states are run by bureaucrats whose operating principle seems to be, “If you don’t have any solutions, there’s a lot of money to be made perpetuating the problem.”

  7. What is next for Governor DeSantis?

    May I suggest School Reform? Laws to alllow and encourage more Private Schools and School Vouchers. Emphasize fixing the failed schools in the cities where children are not learning. Allow experimentation like sex segregated schools, and schools that emphasize practical subjects, even pre-trade school curriculums.

  8. RKonig – The Army Corps of Engineers built the basic structures that were supposed to be updated and strengthened by the Levee commissions.

    It’s where the Netherlands would be if they gave all the building project monies to corrupt low-IQ idiots that make Downs Syndrome kids look like friggin geniuses.

    Seriously… NO has some nice things in it. But most of it, well, if it sank or was wiped off the face of the Earth, some of us would mourn and then go about our lives knowing the world is a nicer place.

    1. The historical bits of New Orleans are built on the only land above the flood plane. The settlers weren’t idiots, after all.

      1. True. But as the Dutch know, it’s perfectly feasible to build below sea level. You just have to be competent. And stay competent. It’s been done there for many centuries. For example, the field elevation of Amsterdam airport is -11 feet.

        If the Dutch dealt with levees the way NO does, about a third of the country would be under water. But it isn’t, hasn’t been since a giant storm in 1953 that prompted some major corrective action.

  9. Archer – 2004. 4 hurricanes, two in south and central Florida, with one coming up the spine, and two in north central Florida (a month apart.) That was a fun year. Whoohoo. Yeah… That’s when Newnan’s Lake flooded over US441. And made the local utilities who believed in minimal inventory and Just In Time inventory control of electrical transmission equipment that normally has a lead time of 6 months to a year, well, many bricks of caca were excreted over that moronic idea.

  10. Hey, for learning from natural or unnatural disasters, don’t forget the Florida Firestorms of 1998 caused mainly by leftist scumbags moving to Florida and getting the pre-1998 prescribed burns stopped. So, well, one year of drought and no forest management and ‘POOF’ all of Central Florida burned.

    There are still parts of the Ocala National Forest that show scars from those fires. And for years, one patch wouldn’t even grow weeds, that’s how hot the fires got.

    After 1998? Florida went bigly on prescribed burns and proper forest management, you know, like what California should have done.

    There’s been a big move to restore all of the non-logged forests to pre-settler conditions, which means big pine trees relatively far apart, with lots of palmetto scrub underneath, or a hardy scrub-grass plain. That type of forest is practically fire-proof. And the logged forests? Fire lanes, removal of diseased or dead trees, undergrowth cut back.

    Florida, for being so ‘stupid,’ manages to learn from past errors. For the most part.

    Still need to get rid of the RINOS and Demos in Broward and Dade…

    1. Um, “pre-settler conditions” in North America means they were periodically burnt by the natives to clear the brush, as well as clear-cut less frequently.

      Which is *nothing* compared to what the locals did around what is now Mexico City — building farmland in the middle of a lake to support their entire civilization — and the human reworking of the Amazon that’s being discovered. Canals, reservoirs, and, again, engineered patches of farmland that took generations to improve from leeched-out rain forest soils to “black earth” that’s still prime growing land.

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