San Francisco:

I’ve posted this video before:

Well fuck me, it’s happening:

These people sewed the wind and are reaping the whirlwind.

The may have to learn their lessons the hard way, and I mean the real hard way, as in trips to the ER hard way, but they seem to be learning them.


Maybe after a few thousand or tens if thousands literally get the shit kicked out of them during a home invasion by some “historically oppressed” offender who “just wants their stuff, which is insured and can be replaced” California goes the way of Virginia and these ass-kicked Leftists start advocating for concealed carry and gun rights.

Clint said every one of them needed their ass kicked to have a wake up call.ย  It seems to be happening.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Leftists seem to be learning valuable lessons the hard way, I hope those bitter pills they are swallowing are Red”
  1. The problem is that when they have finally had enough… They move to Nashville or Houston and just keep voting the same way.

    Or worse, they start agitating for policies to make their new home just as shitty as their old home.

    “I have never lived somewhere that the government just doesn’t care about you.”

    Honey, you have always lived somewhere that the government doesn’t care about you. Politicians want to be re-elected and will do whatever they think will achieve that goal.

  2. That last tweet is gold. It is the right direction, lady. Will every single one of these new liberal gun owners wake up? Of course not. But some will. Wait until they think they want a concealed carry permit and the Marxist authorities not only refuse to allow it, but treat them worse than criminals for merely asking.

  3. They arent learning shit. She admits the gov doesnt care about her and protecting her then four tweets later shes back to outsourcing violence to someone else, aka the gov.

    That word outsourcing perfectly sums up the attitude many white collar and educated people have. I dont want to get my hands dirty and i want to pay some else to do it for me. No self reliance. Idk who this woman is but man she certainly seems to be falling into the same category.

  4. And it’s never about “just stuff”. The thug will at some point be convinced you concealed something valuable, and will force you to reveal it, or else. They’ll decide they get off on ordering people around, and graduate to rape. Then they’ll have the problem of leaving a witness behind.

    Drug users aren’t known for being able to calmly assess a situation — why would you trust they won’t panic and kill you?

    And someday you’ll run into the lunatic who thinks your wealth — no matter how meager — means you should burn.

    1. No, it’s never about “just stuff”. If it were, all home burglaries would be when they know you’re not home, all commercial burglaries would be after-hours, because they want to avoid dealing with people.

      That burglaries can happen when you’re known to be home, means some sub-set of the criminal population does not care if they have to deal with you or not. Heck, they might even be hoping you’re home.

      At that point, you have to act on the assumption they are there to do you harm. It’s not about “just stuff”.

      It’s the exact same problem as the people who say, “Just give them what they want!”

      What if “what they want” is you, your body (especially but not exclusively if you’re female), and/or your life, and your “stuff” is just a bonus or not even a concern? Are you willing to risk that?


      As an aside, and to draw a parallel, we see the same excuse-making for blm/antifa. “They just want to protest. Just give them space to protest.” Yea, sure, that’s why they come armed with fireworks, Molotov cocktails, frozen water bottles, clubs, and homemade riot shields. That’s why they set fires and attack and/or actively provoke the police. To “peacefully protest”. Right.

      [sarc] Because I know when I think “peaceful protest”, I think “violently attack the police and anyone else, loot uninvolved businesses, and burn cars and buildings to the ground”. Don’t you? Or are you a racist? [/sarc]

  5. Meh, theyโ€™re still going to vote in the same old POS and Iโ€™m willing to bet half of the guns purchased are unfired. They think they are magic talismans which will ward off evil.

  6. “I believe in outsourcing that responsibility to highly trained professionals.”

    You mean like those folks you admitted never showed up: “Two days later she saw three men peering into her backyard. She called SFPD sobbing. They did not come.”

  7. Yeah, Miss Tandler has too much cognitive dissonance. She knows the police won’t come, knows that calling the police can get you in prison, not the ones staking out your property, but she still wants to contract out her security. Who does she think she’s going to get if the police won’t come? Is she going to hire some private security detail like the Hollywood millionaires?

    Someday she might even learn that a lot of police forces are the subject of running jokes among shooters for how badly their “trained professionals” shoot.

  8. For the record — I have zero interest in owning or using a gun.

    I believe in outsourcing that responsibility to highly trained professionals.

    Wait until she finds out that a certain 17-year-old “untrained idiot with a gun” shot better under real pressure than most of those “highly trained professionals” can manage on a closed, controlled, square range…

    … by an order of magnitude…

    … while maintaining muzzle and trigger discipline…

    … and not hitting a single bystander.

    Wait until she also finds out that if she needs medical attention NOW, it’s more likely to come more quickly from someone like him than from the “professionals”.

    Is there a variant of the “Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect” that applies to people’s perceptions of government services’ competence and compassion?

    “The police/fire/EMS didn’t show up. You can’t rely on them.”
    [turns page, forgets what she just said]
    “I don’t want to take that responsibility for myself. I prefer to leave it to the police/fire/EMS professionals.”

  9. That tweet about “outsourcing responsibility to trained professionals” is straight out of Caleb Howe’s legendary tweet

    Banning weapons is the most white privilege idea ever. Rich liberals scoffing at the idea that a person might need to defend their own life is a tower so ivory you can’t look at it in direct sunlight. It’s the personal safety equivalent of “just have the maid do it.’

  10. “if the government won’t protect you, who will?”

    Gee, I learned that lesson in public school, nearly 5 decades ago. Those in the upper layers of an authoritarian social arrangement don’t care about the bottom. They just want things to be quiet.

    It’s one of the things that turned me into the grumpy libertarian I am now.

  11. Miss Tandler hears reality knocking, but she hasn’t answered the door yet. I guess she’s the type of person that has to learn the hard way before she is convinced of anything.

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