The wife showed me this thread.

I don’t know who this person is, she’s apparently some sort if actress.

I really don’t care about her politics at the moment, this thread is chilling for any parent.



That absolutely sounds like the man was trying to set up an abduction, probably for sexual trafficking.

The girl seemed to do everything right, given the situation, not giving out and information or letting her picture get taken.

You have to consider how much worse it would be for a young woman who is not an employee.   Confronted like this in a place without security cameras.  Possibly followed as she tried to leave the area.

This girl was lucky in that as an employee, she was not going to leave that area for several hours and it’s doubtful that guy would hand around for that long.

Another girl who got spooked and walked out could be followed.

This is why we hammer home the idea of situational awareness.  Teach it to your children, especially your daughters.

As our judicial system breaks down under the weight of anarcho-tyranny incompetence, these people are getting more brazen.

I’ll tell you, absolutely 100%, if that was my little girl I’d go  commit a murder.  I have a couple of friends I could call on route that I know would be happy to join me in a posse.

I have a jumper cable and a spare 900 cold cranking amp battery, and I’m going to find out how much amperage it takes to make a set of testicles glow like Christmas lights.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Lessons in situational awareness”
  1. Three pillars of the tripod: situational awareness, presence of mind, and means to defend.
    As described here, I’d – splitting hairs – say this was more showing good presence of mind; she recognized the situation was bad, and then made a series of good choices as to how to respond.
    This bit struck me: “… but for every woman working a job who deals with scary ass shit and doesn’t have a mother who will literally fly to her aid or a daddy who will without the aid of an army wage a vigilante’s righteous vengeance to keep her safe.” I realize the mother is upset; but it sounds like there are some seriously bad assumptions baked in here. A vigilante response after she’d been taken, would not have kept her daughter safe, no matter how many Liam Neeson films show it working like that.
    Further, that third leg of the tripod? One of the things guns are really good for, is providing a means for a woman to defend herself against stronger, larger threats. Politics aside, and inclusive of a lot more than just guns, you can decide to not use the best tools at your disposal for various reasons – ethical, moral, political, personal preference, whatever. But that should be a reasoned and informed decision.

  2. I guess I condense situational awareness and presence of mind into just situational awareness. Knowing the situation around you and knowing how to respond to it. I agree armed is important but this was California and she was an employee. California makes CCW effectively impossible in cities and most businesses don’t let employees carry on shift. She is lucky she had a mom and dad that could come down in an emergency. If my daughter called me like this I’d be inbound like I’m rolling through the Green Zone.

    1. Fair enough to condense them; as I said, I was splitting hairs. But the way I think about this sort of thing, there is a distinction between being aware of what’s going on around you, and recognizing when things might be heading off the rails. (When I was growing up, this was sometimes called street smarts.)
      Re California, yeah, there is that. And I agree she’s lucky she has parents who can and will drop everything and come to her aid in an emergency.

  3. As a firearms instructor I tell every women they should be armed and know how to use it. States that give criminals more rights than citizens will cause the citizens to pay the price until citizens rise up and put a stop to it.. should have got a photo of the guy..

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