Let me see if I get this right

According to the Left, because I am white, I have “implicit racial bias.”  That bias means that no matter how hard I try, I will always act with bigotry towards black people.

Also according to the Left, that Strozk said that he could smell Trump voters, that he hated Trump and was going to “stop it” [his election] is not an indication of bias and that he was completely capable of acting impartially when it came to investigating Trump.

That sounds like bullshit to me.

2 Replies to “Let me see if I get this right”

  1. I like the way Brit Hume says, (in effect), “The guy actually has the nerve to deny it! Incredible!”

    And the idiots who were elected to toe the Democrat line are saying, “See! This guy is a martyr who stood up to the Man! He is a Hero!”

    Only in Socialism Central is a lying scumbag who ditched his oath of office a “hero” — and it seems like they ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT!

    I hope Brit Hume comments on that.

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