Trump went to Twitter about Iran:

Iran shot back:

“The mother of all wars.”

God I hope so.

Remember back in 1991, there was this asshole dictator in Iraq named Saddam Hussein.  He invaded Kuwait and we intervened to stop him.

Saddam told his people “The battle in which you are locked today is the mother of all battles…Our rendezvous with victory is very near, God willing.”

What happened next?

We kicked the shit out of his army in 100 hours of ground combat.

His army got in one lucky strike and killed 28 US troops in a base in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia with a SCUD.

The next day, we fucked up his retreating army along the road from Kuwait to Basra in what became known as the Highway of Death.

We killed 10,000 people in 2,000 vehicles without taking single casualty.  We massacred the Iraqi army like shooting fish in a barrel with IR guided bombs.

So, please Iran, say that this will be other “mother of all wars.”  We have come to learn that when some Middle East dictators some something will be “the mother of all…” it’s just bluster and bullshit.

I’m ready for the US to pave another Highway of Death, this time through downtown Tehran.



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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Let me translate that for you – Middle East edition”
  1. If they want the mother of all wars, they’ll have to deal with the mother of all bombs.

    1. A couple of GBU-28s dropped on their reactors and centrifuge lines would certainly limit their nuke work in the immediate future.

    1. I was US Army National Guard very briefly after 9/11. I was never deployed and was discharged due to medical issues.

      I use “we” in posts like this referring to the United States as a whole. The “royal we” is it is called in English.

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