I saw this online and it made me very happy.

Yes.  Very much yes.

Harretz ran with this headline:

Trump Endorses ‘Jexodus’ Movement, Claiming Democrats ‘Don’t Care About Israel or Jewish People’

Oh yes he did!


I really hope this gains traction.

I think it is serendipity that I saw this in my YouTube recommendations right after seeing this article.

Rashida Tlaib Follows Anti-Semitic Instagram Page

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who made news for being the first Palestinian Muslim woman elected to U.S. Congress, follows an Instagram account that routinely shares blatantly anti-Semitic posts and 9/11 conspiracy theories. The account Tlaib follows shares posts comparing Jews to vermin and Hitler, posts asserting Jews wield an enormous amount of power, and posts claiming Israel “did” 9/11 and supports ISIS.

Tlaib’s official verified Instagram account, which follows under 1,100 users, is following an account called “free.palestine.1948,” a reference to the establishment of Israel. The Instagram page appears to post multiple times per day. While Tlaib does follow other pages that mention “Palestine” in their names, those pages are private. Tlaib does not appear to follow any obviously pro-Israel pages.

The images from the Instagram page are straight out of Nazi Germany in their imagery.

I won’t post them here, but if you want to see just how horrible they are, go to the Capitol Report link.

Guess what the official stance on Rep Tlaib following the Muslim version on Stormfront online is?

“No comment.”

For every Jews that isn’t a dyed-in-the-wool radical Leftist, I highly encourage you to look into Jexodus .

After that, might I suggest finding someone to take you shooting.


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By J. Kb

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