I keep saying ot, but it is time that Red states legalize the use of lethal force in the defense of property.

We’ve seen far too many videos like this of shoplifters carrying loads of products out of a store.


These people are never arrested or prosecuted.

Crime expands along with our willingness to put up with it.

The tolerance for shoplifting has allowed mass looting to become popular.


But I think the worst story I’ve seen on this recently is this one.

Florida retiree says lesbian squatters with ’15’ pit bulls trashed rental property she owns to tune of $38,000 after lying to cops they’d paid deposit and showing fake receipt

A Florida retiree said lesbian squatters, who own up to 15 pit bulls, caused $38,000 worth of damages at her rental property after lying to police saying they paid a deposit and had been scammed by the landlord.

Patti Peeples and her co-owner Dawn Tiura discovered they had two people illegally living in their Jacksonville rental home more than 40 days ago and believe the unidentified squatters had been there since March.

They discovered the female couple – who haven’t been named, and who were evicted on Tuesday – living in their home after Peeples sent a handyman to carry out routine repairs after their previous tenants left.

When she did confront the two women, they presented her a receipt, showing that they had paid their first and last months’ rent and a pet fee for a total of $3,330 after finding the home on Zillow and signing a rental lease.

‘I said: “This is a fraudulent lease, the house is not for rent,’ Peeples told Fox News’ Lawrence Jones Cross Country.

Peeples and Tiura would confront the women several times and on one occasion, one of the women would shove Peeples out of her own home. One also threatened ‘break your phone’ if Peeples didn’t leave, and a clip showed the woman threatening to call the police.

It took more than a month before they could evict the women the from the home, but what they found inside was much worse. The two women had left around $38,000 of damage behind as they ripped down drywall, smashed tiles, and ripped doors off its hinges.

The two homeowners face even more complications as their insurance might not cover the damage if it is ruled that the squatters hadn’t occupied the home. If a property is not occupied for 60 days, owners need to have vacancy insurance and if it is ruled the squatters were not actually occupying the home – despite living there – insurance would not have to cover the extensive damage.

Two squatters were illegally living in a woman’s home, and due to the law, the homeowner couldn’t evict them for a month.

During that time, the squatters did $38K in damages to the house and the insurance won’t cover it.

The law has slid so far in the direction of favoring criminals and thieves that honest citizens can’t function.

We need to legalize lethal force in the defense of property.

Walk out of a store with an armful of merchandise and the store manager can shoot you in the back.

Squat in a house and the homeowner can put two in your head and get enough put of your estate to replace the carpet.

Am I advocating for murdering thieves?

Yes.  We need more than a reaction, we need an over reaction.

Watch as this shit dries up and law enforcement goes back to enforcing the law.



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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Lethal force in defense of property”
  1. We are becoming what we fought to get away from in 1775…. England is the nanny state supreme. We need to take back our country. I am glad Im not a landlord… you need to study the laws hard where you live. We the People must use laws against ALL liberals. We need way more than 3% this time around. Fukkin insurance companies are worse than liberals. Pay pay pay pay and oh, you didn’t do THIS so we don’t have to honor your claim..geezus Im getting wound up… think its time to build a killdozer and tow a giant woodchipper behind it.

  2. For smaller retailers – owned by individuals, not chains – I could perhaps see this happening.
    I honestly don’t see megacorp stores like Walmart, Target, etc. adopting such a policy. Too much risk, too much liability, e.g. in the case of a bad shoot. I also don’t see any (sane) manager wanting to take on the personal liability.
    No, instead, I see one of two things happening with the large retailers. One is already happening: stores are already starting to close in “high-loss” areas, which is one route to help maintain the profit margins, but it’s at the expense of total sales. If this continues we will see “merchandise deserts” in large cities, and we will see predators commuting to the ‘burbs. The other is, the stores turn to a “Service Merchandise” approach, where you enter an order for what you want, pay for it, and a conveyor belt brings it out from the back. If you convert, say, 80-90% of the floor space to local warehousing (e.g. tighter shelf spacing, more dense pack, etc.), leave the remaining fraction for the order placement and fulfillment, and add on some niceties such as online ordering and curbside pickup, you should be able to significantly reduce the losses.

  3. “Am I advocating for murdering thieves?”

    No, you’re not actually. Murder is illegal and immoral. You are advocating for justifiable homicide, which should be legal and it is moral.

  4. Don’t even need to shoot the thieves. Just need to hang all the politicians, prosecutors, and lawyers that allow this to happen, then you cna actually start enforcing the law and changing it for the better to protect the individual.

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