A young Jewish Israeli man was stabbed to death by a Palestinian a few days ago.


Dvir Sorek was returning from a trip to Jerusalem to the Machanaim Yeshiva, located between Efrat and Migal Oz in the Gush Etzion region, after having purchased some books for his rabbis as an end-of-year gift for them on behalf of his classmates.

According to Vilk, he had earlier messaged his study partner about what time he would return for their study session, and said that the yeshiva students and staff were immediately concerned when he failed to show up on time.

Despite the Palestinians saying that he was a soldier, he had not gone through induction yet.

Dvir was not wearing an IDF uniform and had not started his IDF training, but technically speaking he had already started his service with his studies in the military Hesder program at Yeshiva Machanaim, Sorek explained.

“We never saw him in uniform, because his induction was scheduled for March,” he said. “Now that will never happen.”

So while Israelis were having a very public funeral for Dvir, as is usual with the victims of terrorism, what were the Palestinians doing?

Shooting off fireworks:

And passing out candy:

I ask you, how can there ever be peace when one side celebrates the murder of a civilian from the other side like it’s Mardi Gras?

This is the side that the Squad in Congress wants the US to start siding with.

This is the reality of the Palestinian movement that the Left will never admit to.  It has nothing to do with land or with the placement of a wall, and everything to do with so much Jew-hatred that Palestinian children look forward to the murder of Jews so they can get candy.

I honestly wonder if Congresswoman Tlaib was passing out treats in her office today.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Let’s be honest about the prospect of peace”
  1. There can be a way to bring peace to the whole area; whether it is measured in milliirads or megatons, there will likely be no peace until the source of the evil is eliminated. An aggressive cancer in the body, cannot be reasoned with, bargained with, or compromised with, I think it was Golda Meier who said that there will be no peace until the palestinians love their own children more than they hate the Jews. And we all know it has nothing to do with land!!! All of the so-called ‘palestinians’ could have easily been absorbed into the lands of their mulsim brethren, long ago.

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