You know that I hate gun influencers.

Brandon Herrera is running for Congress.

We’re now entering a quantum singularly where Congressmen and Women are becoming internet influencers and internet influencers are becoming Congressmen.

So I posed this question to him.


Personally, don’t have high hopes.

In my experience, the guys who invest lots of money into NFA items talk a big game until they realize they might lose value on their investments.

Maybe he’ll answer me, maybe he won’t.

But if he’s really a politician, you know he’ll fuck over the gun community before doing anything that depreciates the value of his NFA collection.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Let’s find out how pro-gun he really is”
  1. Ya know, the whole NFA thing is like real estate and the classic car hobby- fubared by rich idiots with way more money than brains.. I built a dealer sample HK P51 out of a PTR91 pistol, select fire, 8.5 inch barrel, .308. Way fun and I have less than 2 grand in it… no its not transferable to a civilian but a transferable one is way more than 2 grand.. and you Sir are right- politicians always fuk over the 2A…

  2. You know that he was invited as an expert witness to a congressional field hearing and there he testified against the ATF?
    That was only a month ago.

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