This does not need a lengthy explanation. Here is part of the lawsuit which explains damned good why this action is being taken:

No person, regardless of their profession or exercise of free speech
advocating for policies with which others disagree, should be harassed, threatened, and denigrated as a “worthless cunt,” “whore,” and “disgusting bitch,” who should “get to experience a (sic) ammo dildo” and be the victim of “100 bullets between [her] eyes” while receiving unsolicited, graphic photos of gunshot

As usual, here is a copy of the lawsuit your particular “entertainment” and I will just share some of the things said or  sent to Ms. Hammer:

Even those professing to be dedicated to preaching anti-hate and anti violence resorted to threatening Hammer’s family. During a public hearing in Tallahassee on February 27, 2018, Rev. Joe Parramore leaned over to Hammer and stated:
“The next check you write will be to pay for the funerals of your grandchildren.”


“Dear Twat. You are a vile cunt. I hope you get to experience a (sic) ammo dido (sic). I can’t wait till the day I flip on the news to see you mourning a gunshot victim. You’re disgusting and exactly what’s wrong with people today. I seriously hope karma comes around for you soon. You and that other ammosexual the fairy Wayne LaPierre, what a masculine name to match the fairy he is. I hope to see he died of a gunshot wound that took hours of pain before he succumbed…

Fuck you. You worthless cunt. You’re a whore, not a freedom fighter… I hope you don’t (sic) a moment of peace for the rest of your pitiful lives…”
– Chris Risica (Exhibit 30)


“The consequences that you will… be subjected to when you are killed by those weapons you have hawked for all these years will send you to burn in hell you fucking heartless, greedy bitch. I pray everyday that one of these ‘good’ people puts 100 bullets between your eyes so we can celebrate.”
– Howard Weiss (Exhibit 31)


“You should rot in hell you disgusting bitch!!!! HOW MANY CHILDREN HAVE TO DIE SO YOU CAN GET YOUR ROCKS OFF WITH YOUR FUCKING GUNS!!!

Is it because your (sic) so fucking ugly and you never gotten laid in your life?

Can’t you go be a nun like old hags like you used to do in order to get your jollies off of being sadistic to children? It’s perverse that you would rather watch them get killed… FUCK YOU. I pray someday I run into you so I can scream my head off at your sick face!!!

Your enemy for life.”
– Patrick Sullivan (Exhibit 32)


Here are other samples of “conversationalists.”

“Fuck you, Cunt. That is all.”
– bizarr @ .com (Exhibit 2)
“you are a VILE CUNT… enough said”
– smith @ .com (Exhibit 3)
“I’m horrified at your behavior. Nothing more than a truly ugly from the inside out redneck. Rot in hell you soulless cunt.”
– suzanne. @ .com (Exhibit 4)

Explain to me again why should I behave and be nice to our enemies?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on ““Let’s have a conversation about guns.” – Marion Hammer sues several individuals for Libel (Language warning)”
  1. Of course this is all just rhetoric, no one would take these threats as a call to action and actually shoot people they disagree with. Oh, yeah that dude who tried to kill the Republicans at a congressional baseball practice.

    Let’s be careful out there.

  2. Marion Hammer is one of my heroes. When I lived in Florida, she was working full time for the passage of the “Shall Issue” law in Florida. At that time, in the mid 1980’s, very few states had Shall Issue, and many states did not have any carry law provision at all. One of the people who changed all that is Marion Hammer. Not just my poor old guy memory, either.
    Wikipedia says: “She “lobbied for and eventually pushed through” a 1987 Florida law that allows Floridians who “have no criminal records or mental illness” to carry concealed weapons with concealed-carry permits.”
    As most of the readers of this blog know, Marion Hammer’s persistence in getting “shall issue” in Florida paved the way for state after state to change their laws, and now we have carry permit procedures in all 50 states.
    Marion Hammer is a hero. She deserves our support. Please write to the newspaper, the magazines, the state house, and the blogger of your choice, and get the word out.
    Go Marion!

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