I have written a number of posts about the decay of San Francisco into a third world shithole.

I gather from the comments left on these posts that most of my readers feel the same way that I do, that the people of San Francisco should be left to suffer the ramifications of their electoral decisions.  FIDO.

I don’t think that is enough anymore.

I saw something on Twitter that pushed me too far.

We need to be proactive in stopping the cancer that is San-Franciscoism from metastasising across America.

I have covered San Francisco car break-ins before.  The changes to California’s property crime laws and the way the city chooses to enforce – or not enforce – the law has pretty much guaranteed that if a person parks a car in San Francisco, it will be broken into.

A Mountain View tech CEO is beyond frustrated after he says his vehicles have been broken into four times in the past 18 months while parked in the same city lot.

Tim Campos said all four of the break-ins happened at night in the lot at Dana and Hope streets in Mountain View, and each time, the burglars targeted a small back window.

Three of the burglaries involved his Tesla, and the fourth was a rental he was driving while his Tesla was in the repair shop.

“When something like this happens, you feel victimized and out of control,” Campos said. “It is very expensive for some of these glass repairs. For me, it’s been $1,200 each incident.”

That’s a break in every four months, costing him almost $5,000 in repairs.

The most recent break-in occurred just last week, he said.

“The thing that makes me most frustrated is the city does not seem interested in enforcing the law with these types of issues,” Campos said.

They most certainly don’t give a shit.  It’s a misdemeanor to break into a car and the theft of less than $950 in property isn’t prosecuted.  Why would the cops put in the effort to track down the criminal who broke into this guy’s car in order to give him a ticket, that the criminal can’t or won’t pay?

Mountain View police say the department’s crime suppression unit investigates car burglaries, which were down last month compared to the 105 reported in January.

Mountain View, California barely has 75,000 people, 105 car break-ins per month is a ridiculously high number.

In Milpitas, car burglaries are up and thieves are targeting shopping center parking lots. Fremont also has seen a spike, with more than 315 car burglaries reported during the first six weeks of the year.

Milpitas only has a population of 80,000.  That is over 200 break-ins per month.  This is an insane crime rate.

Campos is CEO of a software company in Mountain View and says he has few other parking options, which is why he is asking the city to install a surveillance camera in the lot. But he admits, after four break-ins he’s looking at other options.

“I’m not sure I plan to keep my company in Mountain View,” he said. “When the lease expires, I’m thinking of moving to a different city that treats crime more seriously.”

No shit he wants to move.

Tim Campos was the CIO of Facebook before starting his own Dot Com.  This guy has to be worth millions.

Given the obscenely high tax rates in California, this guy must pay somewhere between a shit load and a whopping fuck load of money to the city and state every year.

It’s not wrong of him to expect, as a taxpayer and business owner, that the city spend some of its money to fight quality of life crimes.  Cities that care about, investment, economic growth, and the happiness of their middle-class taxpaying base do that sort of thing.

If Mountain View wants to get the tax dollars from his Dot Com, they should keep the criminals from victimizing him and his employees.  This makes perfect sense.

When you read the responses to the NBC Tweet, however, you get an impression that the people of the Bay Area live in an alternative universe.

It is very clear that the Progressive people of the Bay Area are fueled by an obsessive class envy and hate for anybody successful.

They root for the criminals over the business founders and owners because the business owners have too much money.  These people see criminals and vagrants breaking into expensive cars and tell the car owner to get out of town.

Rich people who pay a lot in taxes and expect municipalities to do their duty of fighting crime are wearing a skirt that is too short if they park their expensive car in a municipal parking lot.

This is the Zenith of Progressivism.  It turns into anti-Kulak Communism.

Forget walling San Francisco off, it just needs to be nuked off the coast of America before it’s communism spreads to other cities.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Let’s just nuke the commie stronghold of San Francisco before the cancer spreads”
  1. Of course after he moves he’ll be castigated for losing Bay Area jobs.

    Mr Campos, welcome to the Republican party.

    On another note … $1.2k to replace a broken window?! At that point I’d hope – kinda – that there’s a really important piece of the car that also got broken each time. Otherwise that’s simply obscene. And somebody at Tesla really needs to be takes with thinking about maintainability of the hardware, not just the software.

    1. Tesla is a Dot Com car company. It’s run on the Apple business model not the Ford business model. They don’t do spare parts or repairs. They expect fanbois to upgrade yearly. The durability of the interiors of Teslas are notoriously bad, and they are impossible to work on yourself without at advanced degree in electrical engineering.

      I’m not surprised that a window costs $1,200. Who replaces the glass on their iPhone when they smash it? Nobody, they just wait until they can upgade it and get a new one.

      1. Yep; ISTR this conversation being held here before.

        On the other hand … it will be hard to “top” an electric Mustang SUV….

  2. Build the wall on Kalifornia’s eastern border. Allow people to enter but not leave the western shithole.

  3. Unfortunately, when he moves he’ll bring his own communist ideology with him and start the infection somewhere else fueled by his money. His problem, is that he can’t understand why the lower classes want to break into his woke Tesla. After all, he supports paying Danegeld to the serfs, and is doing his part to save the climate.

    No Sympathy here.

  4. He should buy a Honda Civic. Less expensive to repair after break-ins–If the car is still there when he returns to the parking lot.

    Otherwise, he might consider how he has been voting.

  5. We need to get a ballot initiative to amend the Florida constitution that says people moving here have to live here something like 6 years before they can vote. Maybe that would keep us from getting the people that tweeted those communist views.

    I wonder if that would have helped the blue parts of Florida?

  6. He should put in the “Burglar Proof” system from the James Bond 007 movie (1980s, Roger Moore) where the car EXPLODED when the side glass was broken.

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