An NBC News review of available 2024 crime data from the cities targeted by Texas’ “Operation Lone Star,” which buses or flies migrants from the border to major cities in the interior — shows overall crime levels dropping in those cities that have received the most migrants.
Overall crime is down year over year in Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, New York and Los Angeles. Crime has risen in Washington, D.C., but local officials do not attribute the spike to migrants.

Trump’s claims of a migrant crime wave are not supported by national data (

Send them all to those cities, I am sure by this time next year their crime rate will be near zero.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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7 thoughts on “Let’s keep sending them illegal aliens.”
  1. Translation: We cherry picked points from incomplete and biased data in order to dispute Trump. 6 months from now our story will be completely different but we’ll still blame Republicans/Trump.

  2. and we all know the “news” never lies… thats why its called programming.. a pretty word for propaganda.

  3. Given that, at a minimum, NYC is not charging migrants with crimes, and just bussing them to other States, that statistic might be correct.

  4. Two thoughts:
    1. If they’re counting “British style”, where it’s not a countable crime until there’s a charge and/or conviction, then crime could be “down” because they’re not charging anyone, not holding anybody on bail, etc.
    2. In the Big Cities, petty crimes like thefts could be down because after the spike in the past couple years, nobody’s got anything left to steal!
    But Tantiv V probably has it right: the report is very likely cherry-picking data points to get the conclusion they want. Whatever they can do to claim that “Bad Orange Man was wrongy-wrongy-wrong wrong!!!11!!1!11!!”
    My questions: Are they just counting thefts, or have they factored in assaults, rapes, and murders? And are they counting crimes in which a suspect has not (yet) been identified and so we don’t know if it’s a migrant or not?
    (On that last, given the report’s context is “migrant crime”, I suspect NBC News might choose to not count those at all, to artificially deflate the overall numbers in addition to the “migrant” numbers; whatever makes Trump look worst.)

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