Equality Florida, an LGBTQ advocacy group based in St. Petersburg, said Wednesday in a travel advisory that the state “may not be a safe place to visit or take up residence” in the wake of recently passed laws that target LGBTQ people, restrict access to reproductive health care and relax firearms restrictions.

Also on Wednesday, the Florida Immigrant Coalition issued its own warning, writing that travel to all areas of Florida should be done with “extreme caution as it can be unsafe for people of color, individuals who speak with an accent, and international travelers.”

LGBTQ, immigrant advocates warn against travel to Florida | The Hill


Pretty much what Florida has done is not allow children to be mutilated like some sort of live Barbie so mom and dad can show they are ultra woke and/or allow their kids to be used as props for some sick fucks in the state. And apparently being able to defend themselves against attacks from anybody who may have a special hate towards their group something to be afraid of? Only if they are seeking victims for their fundraising purposes.

And about the warning for people “who speak with an accent”, I figure they mean if your verbosity comes with inflexions that identifies you form places like New York or New Jersey and clash with the local Cracker or Spanish accent. Floridians do dislike carpetbagging riffraff who believe themselves better just because they come from shitholes from the North.

The Left is a constant fountain of bigotry in all its shapes.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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