She is running for office in Minnesota. She is talking about an officer involved shooting on June 23, 2018. The suspect, Thurman Blevins, was shot as he was running away from police with a handgun. I don’t think she has a slight concept of what actually happened and how’s reality out there.

“He ran, yes. He was armed, yes. He reportedly was drunk and had fired shots, yes. All of those things might have led to his death, but none of them had to. I don’t understand why calmly starting a conversation wasn’t an option or wouldn’t have been a better course.”

And of course, Twitter is chuck full of Police experts that know it was excessive to shoot Blevins:

Best reply to the pearl clutchers and hand wringers? this one:

People in MN are losing their collective brain about the last statement. I will recommend that although truthful, we of the civilian branch should know better that utter something like that as we do not want to give our enemies any ammo to use against us.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “Liberalism is a dangerous mental illness. The Thurman Blevins incident.”
    1. You know, the more I think about it, if white people can’t complain about racism because we aren’t ‘black, if guys can’t complain or talk about reproductive rights because we don’t have vaginas, then non cops can’t say shit about how the sausage is made either.

      I have often thought that the complainers should become part of the solution and become cops to police their own neighborhoods,but that will never happen.

  1. As for “if it was a white guy” — if he behaved the same, he’d be just as dead. Carrying while drunk — not legal. Random shots in city limits — not legal and stupid. Running from cops — stupid. Drawing a firearm when cops are telling you to stop — fatally stupid.

    And for the police actions — what do they want when the report is of shots fired? If the police soft-peddled that kind of call, they’d be accused of not taking violence seriously when blacks are the victims.

    1. In Chaska Minnesota (Minneapolis third ring suburb), a mentally disturbed white teenaged student athlete was shot by the police a month ago. He had a knife and a BB Gun. No one is threatening the police.


      By the way, the large silver colored item in Thurman’s hand as he runs away? A bottle of Amsterdam Gin. Reports say he had a 0.162 BAC level.

      I would not have been surprised if when they had tracked Mr. Blevins back to his starting point, that they found a pile of bodies. Fortunately I was wrong. He just killed himself only.

      Maddmedic, this is Keith Ellison’s Congressional District.

  2. The best solution is to barricade them all in the inner cities. Within three weeks, all problems will be solved.

    1. Lock the liberal twats like Erin Murphy in there with them. I’m sure she can calmly convince them to lay down their arms.

  3. I was a paramedic for 22 years before I retired and decided to teach. The city where I worked was crime ridden and violent. The national head of the Latin Kings lives there. Shootings were a regular occurrence. It is a great place to work if you are a paramedic who loves to see a lot of challenging calls.

    I ran more than one incident where I was working on a victim while a cop with a shotgun stood over me, keeping the crowd back. Trying to stabilize a black stabbing victim before moving him, who by the way was stabbed by another black man, I heard more than once about how “if he was white, he would be at the hospital by now.”

    I had knives pulled on me. I was physically attacked by patients on more than one occasion. I have testified in robbery, murder, and rape cases. I have seen dozens tazed, and seen a few police shootings.

    Regular America doesn’t really understand what that part of America is like. Middle class Americans assume that everyone acts, reacts, and thinks just like they do: with reasonable thought, where compromise wins the day. In the violent inner cities, the only thing that the residents of those neighborhoods respect is violence. If you show up and try to talk and deescalate, the person you are talking to assumes that you are avoiding confrontation because you are scared and weak.

    There are times when talking works. There are times when it doesn’t, and threats work better. There are times when the only thing that works is action. It takes a new medic about 5 years to learn how to survive on the street. The thugs have had a lifetime of experience.

  4. The scary thing is..This is Minnesota, the Minneapolis/St.Paul voters tend to elect prime examples of idiots…Franken, Dayton, Ellison, etc etc..So Murphy has a shot at it…Most of the outstate will vote sensibly…But ….When the dead vote (Franken) it’s tough.

  5. […] Reuters reports that Democratic Party incumbents seeking reelection are maintaining gun control silence the Party’s new chums are boasting about how tough they will be on law abiding gun owners when they are elected. Liberalism is a dangerous mental illness. The Thurman Blevins incident. […]

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