Liberals: Do not defy the Dogma.



  1. a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.

You are not allowed to have guns. Failing to obey orders will be severely punished as if you were scum of the earth. You may be a black lesbian , but of you own a gun, you shall be treated as a Nazi war criminal.

I love it. It is like we don’t even need to give reasons make our point.


6 Replies to “Liberals: Do not defy the Dogma.”

    1. Advice on victim disarmament from a guy nicknamed “killer” should be taken the same way as advice on crime prevention from a mafia boss, or advice on chastity from a pimp.

  1. “… should be treated as such.” Treated how? By whom?

    “Put lives first.” One group of people is actively pushing to make innocent people defenseless in the face of violent attackers. The other is trying to empower them to resist such attacks. Yet it’s the former group who says that they are putting lives first. Go figure.

    1. Arizona Rifleman: You are putting more thought into it than he ever has.
      If the programming says that “guns bad”, the NPC’s bleat “guns bad”. If the programming says “police bad”, they bleat “police bad”.
      The logical questions that if “guns bad” and “police bad”, then why do they believe that only the police should have guns never comes up. The programming won’t allow it.

  2. Asking a liberal to understand logic is like asking a 2 year old to understand quantom physicics.
    Feelings are more important than logic. Maybe we should ban cars and trucks and all hand held tools. Chairs books drinking glasses cups saucers plates forks spoons or stupid liberals

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