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4 thoughts on “Lifesaving Heimlich Maneuver caught on camera.”
  1. I have had to do that once for my brother at a family reunion. Everyone was pretty drunk, me included, but as I showed up later I was a little behind everyone and still knew what to do. That’s about all I know how to do, but I did it.

  2. Yup, I learned that in first aid. Good video.
    Our training was slightly different: start with a couple of blows on the back. Not pats like the girlfriend did, but fairly powerful blows. If that doesn’t help, go for the compression just below the rib cage.
    BTW, it doesn’t have to be around the body done from behind though that’s the classic and most straightforward pattern. It’s the pressure that matters. We were taught a case where the victim was stuck in a car and the compression was applied by a person leaning into the car in front of him. Also for a very obese person leaning him against a table or chair back just below the ribs and pushing sharply.

  3. I’ve performed CPR on two persons and got them stable, one enough to drive to the ER, the other until EMTs arrived. Both are alive because of that. What greatly concerns me is how few people are familiar with, let alone trained in, even basic First Aid. There is no excuse for that because classes are regularly scheduled all across the nation.

    This man was fortunate that one was there who knew and did step up to the plate. Look how many people are in that video, and how many just looked on but doing nothing. The 2nd time I did that it was on a busy day at a public pier. Hundreds of people and no one but myself knew to recognize the signs then get busy. The people he was with that I was attacking him (I was but not in the way they thought) because they did not see what I saw.

    It is upsetting that most of the population are so damn ignorant because that it what they have chosen. Inaction – of not getting training or of lack of response – is a conscious choice.

    To expand on the bullshit, the guy who says you don’t need a gun is the guy who says you don’t need a knife is the guy who says he doesn’t need the training. Those assholes are everywhere.

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