Buffalo attack is ‘act of domestic terrorism’ along lines of Okla. City, Columbine: Crump

The Buffalo massacre was an “act of domestic terrorism” along the lines of the Oklahoma City bombing, the Columbine shooting and the Parkland slaughter, civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump said Monday.

Crump joined grieving relatives of beloved 86-year-old matriarch Ruth Whitfield — one of 10 people allegedly killed by a white supremacist at a supermarket — in a church in Buffalo to decry Saturday’s race-fueled horror.

“We can’t sugar-coat it, we can’t try to explain it away, talking about mental illness. No, this was an act of domestic terrorism,’’ Crump said. “And just like America responds to terrorism, America needs to respond to this act of bigotry, racism and hate as a terrorist act.”

“This was a terrorist act — it is no less a terrorist act because it was a black grocery store,’’ Crump said at the emotional press conference.

“This was a domestic terrorist act, just like they did in [the] Oklahoma City bombing and all the other terrorist acts like Columbine and Parkland.

“The people who curate the hate, the people who inspire the hate on websites, and internet services and cable news stations,” Crump said. “Those people who radicalize these young people to go out and orchestrate heinous acts of violence, heinous acts of hate — we have to get to the root of the hate.

“They loaded the gun, and we have to hold them accountable, too,” Crump said.

I won’t deny that this was a domestic terrorist act, but there was a manhunt after Oklahoma City.  Police caught the shooter in this case.  He’s been arrested.

I was going to ask: “why us Ben Crump involved in this?”

When I first read the headline I wasn’t sure how he was going to grift and make money off of it.

Crump is like Al Sharpton with a JD.  He’s in this for the money and the fame.  He uses other black people’s pain to line his pockets and get on TV.

Now I suspect he’s going to use the narrative that Tucker Carlson and Fox News inspired the shooting to try and sue them.

I don’t know how successful he’ll be, I’m still trying to figure out the angle on how he can profit from this.

What I can guarantee is that with Ben Crump involved, this shitshow will get worse.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Like a fly to a fresh turd”
  1. Or does he think he is rich enough and well known enough that he is going to overtly move to the political arena?
    Will he drum up support for the Department of Disinformation?

    1. I suspect he won’t attempt to become an (elected) politician. If he tries for it but is not elected, his reputation takes a hit; if he’s elected, when he leaves office he becomes “the former…”. Also, while it doesn’t seem to be the case these days, if elected he’s subjected to a lot of ethics rules and oversight he doesn’t experience now.
      So, why would he? He can get all the fame and money he wants doing just what he’s doing, with fewer constraints and downsides.

  2. Everything is domestic terror now…and that enable folks like Crump to raise the race flag and drum up the race baiters everywhere.

  3. Who writes this copy?

    “allegedly killed by a white supremacist” is ambiguous to the point that I can’t tell with certainty if the reporter is trying to convey that:

    1) the victims may not actually be dead, or
    2) that the mode of death may not have actually been homicide, or
    3) that the suspect in custody may not be the evil doer in this incident, or
    4) that the suspect in custody may not actually be a white supremacist

    I’m pretty sure based on the fact that this a “professional journalist” that the “allegedly” was thrown in to avoid a libel claim, but it’s sloppy writing, and implies that 1 or 2 is the intended meaning. if 3 or 4 is the intended meaning, then reordering the phrase to say “killed, allegedly by a white supremacist” or “killed by an alleged white supremacist” would make the meaning clear.

  4. Crump’s “angle” is the nuisance lawsuit.
    If he – in the name of the surviving families in Buffalo – does sue Fox, Carlson et al., he’s betting they just might settle as the cheaper option instead of going to court.
    He’ll get his usual nice % cut of the settlement

  5. He makes Melvin Belli (“The King of Torts”) look almost nice. At least Belli was an equal-opportunity litigator, instead of focusing on so-called civil rights cases.

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