An interesting article because of New Hampshire law.  “Gun Free Zone” has no legal standing except for certain federal buildings, like post offices and courts.  There is no restriction on firearms within the capital buildings as well.

Going into a medical facility with a firearm is not illegal.  If your firearm is seen then the staff can request you leave.  If you don’t leave you can be trespassed.   This man got in trouble because he had his hand on his firearm when the police approached which took this to a different level.

Just an opinion piece on the Oregon Supreme Court allowing the county judges injunction to remain.  It is reported that their opinion read much like Alito’s did.  That they are going to let this play out within the county court and they will get involved only after the case has been decided based on the merits of the case

California AG Rob Bonta whines that the Fifth Circuit court found parts of 18 USC §922(g) unconstitutional. “Their legal analysis is poor, their conclusions are misguided and their outcomes are dangerous and that is a problem.”  The media agress with him.

MSNBC miss reports on the Fifth Circuit court’s ruling in order to get the feels.  Forgetting the difference between having a TRO for domestic violence and being convicted of domestic violence.

Over in Illinois county Judge T. Scott Webb issued an injunction against Illinois’ kill carry/gun ban.  Unfortunately this only applies for the people named on the suit.  So far the injunctions are being restricted to the plaintiffs, but they are happening.

This was covered before.  There is more to this story other than a dumpster full of firearms.  It is unlikely we’ll know until the case is decided in court.

A bit of balanced reporting where they don’t make the FFL out to be a merchant of death

Another strand of spaghetti that was thrown at the wall in NJ was blocked when District Judge Zahid Quraishi issued an injunction based on the PLCAA.

The ATF has released a report that I’ve not read yet. The media has decided that it is proof that guns and more importantly, “ghost guns” are horribly dangerous.  The cool thing is that if §922(g) is ruled unconstitutional, all this yap-yap about “Ghost Guns” will be mooted.

A huge part of the infringers battle plan revolves around making buying, selling, and/or owning gun too expensive for the common person.  One way they do this is to get towns, cities, and counties to pass infringements which then need to be fought in court with  no real cost to the people that passed these infringements.

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By awa

4 thoughts on “Link Dump”
  1. Iirc state courts in NH must provide secure storage for you.
    And yea no shit ghost gun crime has gone up 1,000% since 2017. “Ghost guns” were barely a thing in theirodern context at that time. Good ol lying media and aft.

    1. Came here to post the same thing re ghost guns.
      Not only Polymer80 etc., but home 3d printers have come a long way as well.
      And that’s the beauty of statistics. 1000% seems like a big scary increase, but what’s the starting number?
      Finally, how can they trace these ghost guns? The headline suggests they can… And has that tracing ever helped solve the crime in question?

  2. If you can trace a “ghost” gun then is it really a ghost gun?? How many ghost hammers are out there quietly waiting in tool boxes and belt hooks, plotting evil hammering?… another big word to scare low information voters… in Realsville its a non issue…. NICS checks continue to set records… Murica

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