In my state they call 10’s of thousands of rounds “a good start”

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By awa

9 thoughts on “Link Dump”
    1. Curiously, the “gun responsibility advocates” have yet to launch a safety training course for children, provide a single trigger lock or safe, or perform community outreach in the communities most plagued by gang violence.
      However, the “gun extremists” have done that.

  1. cnn… now THERES a news outlet you can trust..
    How about knife violence, hammer violence, fist violence, feet violence,ect ect….. notice its NEVER about the CRIMINAL?…. Its always the evil gun…. Whatever…

    1. @curby: I’ve been saying that for a few years, probably when the Lame Stream Media started with “gun violence”. Few people seem to care. They just absorb the drivel.

  2. My understanding (when I used to listen to “Lock, Stock, and Daria”) is that a town-issued permit is good for the whole state. I don’t know why this person needs both.

    I wanted to get a non-resident permit until I learned that I had to appear at the AGs office. 8~(

    Even though the AG version was may issue, and the town version was shall issue, Daria would report that certain towns “couldn’t find the proper forms” or some such garbage, so suggested that the applicant try the AG’s office. What a run-around. What a corrupt state.

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