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By awa

3 thoughts on “Link Dump”
  1. I vaguely recall that the National Association for Gun Rights was a front group for gun controllers.

    Anyone else remember anything about them?

  2. The article about cameras is kind of all over the place with its points. I’m all in favor of people using home brew and non-big brother corp cameras.

    The Ohio one is a constant pain from the three cities all of who have said that they’re fine passing illegal laws and pursuing actions against the state constitution because they get to use the tax payers money punish them in courts. It doesn’t help that a handful of judges that get to live in ivory towers and hobnob with the cities councils are doing their best to transform the state into a blue bastion.

    1. Look up the author of the camera one. That will explain it all.

      Columbus, OH: Blue pustules in an otherwise healthy state.

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