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By awa

2 thoughts on “Link Dump”
  1. Very useful and much appreciated. The more information the better. Especially learning the liberal leftist twisted logic, and deceptive construction of strawman arguments used by people committed to ending the second amendment as understood in the context of the framer’s original intentions. “The rights of the People shall not be infringed, in order to secure the existence of a Free Country” which was in direct opposition to the system of England’s tyrannical government.

  2. “One of the states most influential groups combating gun violence”….”guns are too easy to get leading to gun violence”…. Ya ok, criminals are passing nics checks at thier lgs…. Influential- aka liers…. The stupidity will never end. Curbys solution on “gun violence”- life in prison, 3 strikes = death, US citizens with no criminal record immunity from prosecution when defending self against criminals or known criminals with records…. Simple, punishment for the criminals not the tools…

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