(Corporations are fighting huge minimum wage increases, greedy companies, putting money over people)

(Bad laws are in danger of being struck down, oh always me…)

(The Supreme Court followed the law and now I feel unsafe.  Whimper, pout)

(If you own a book you are greedy and insert insulting term, I’m better than you because I’m giving my cheap romance novels to those poor wretched creatures without my wonderfulness)

(Oh look, the Supreme Court followed the law so I’m going to infringe harder, that’ll show them)

(Clutch your pearls!  They shooter had a rifle!  And he a few boxes of ammo.)

(We are going to make this state safe for every criminal!  No more scary guns showing on somebodies hip)

As we’ve said before, when there is no open carry, cops will say that if you print you are open carrying.  If there is no CCW but there is open carry, the cops will say you are carrying concealed if any part of the holster or firearm is covered in any way.

(Oh my goodness, a bunch of FFLs are all in the same building!  And we managed to entrap one of them to making something that can be construed as a straw man sale)

A little bit of good news.

A leftist directed a hit piece on Justice Kavanaugh based on the fact that the FBI didn’t check all of the spurious reports left on their tip line.

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2 thoughts on “Link Dump”
  1. Fast-food jobs are not supposed to provide support for a family of four in a nice apartment. They’re starter jobs wherein you learn the basics of how to employee, and getting running-around money as a teen.
    We’re already seeing at least partially automated Taco Bells, McDonalds, etc. and are well on the way to fully automated McSwiney’s. (And given the service and attitude at the last couple of fast-food venues I’ve gone to … I kind of welcome this process.)

  2. “(Corporations are fighting huge minimum wage increases, greedy companies, putting money over people)”

    Or, they realize the slippery slope of minimum wage increases.

    As both Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams have said: the minimum wage should be zero.

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