There is no doubt that to be a dedicated resident of a large, Left leaning, urban metropolis, a person must be mentally ill.

An individual in the San Francisco Bay area recounded the reality of some coworkers having their property stolen out of their vehicle.


This is factually accurate.

Car break-ins are an epidemic in San Francisco.

The police do nothing to stop them and the people who do it are not prosecuted.

The law is so ridiculous that a smashed window and broken glass on the ground is insufficient evidence that a car was broken into.  The owner of the vehicle has to testify in court that they locked the car.

This, like retail theft, has turned car break-ins into organized crime.

There are open air bazaars where stolen items are sold or they are sold on eBay and Amazon.

It’s big business.

It needs to be stopped.

How did one San Francisco lawyer and former San Francisco public defender respond to this?


He belittles the victims of crime as weak and overly sensitive while asserting that being the victim of crime is just the sort of normal thing that happens to city dwellers and that they just need to get over it.

Worrying about crime that costs people tens of thousands of dollars in single incidents is exactly why people fled to the suburbs.

The ones who stayed in the cities have to be mentally ill to think that is normal, let alone a sign on toughness and resolve.

I’m reminded of this scene:

This description of New York City as a prison applies to every metropolis.  These people are institutionalized to love the city that abuses them.

Clearly these places are too far gone to be saved.

I think we should just bring the prison to a close and wall the cities off so the inmates can’t escape to ruin everywhere else.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Living in a Blue city is mental illness”
  1. “The owner of the vehicle has to testify in court that they locked the car.”
    Wait. So… the authorities presume that thieves would preferentially break the windows of unlocked cars…?
    Even for California, this makes no sense.

  2. I always though the lyrics of In the City were stupid. Like it is proof that you are tough, or life is hard living in a city. About the only line from the song that is even remotely accurate the bit about no pity. The rest is meaningless bravado.
    Somewhere out on that horizon
    Out beyond the neon lights
    I know there must be somethin’ better
    But there’s nowhere else in sight
    It’s survival in the city
    When you live from day to day
    City streets don’t have much pity
    When you’re down, that’s where you’ll stay
    In the city (oh, oh)
    In the city
    (Oh, oh)
    I was born here in the city
    With my back against the wall
    Nothing grows and life ain’t very pretty
    No one’s there to catch you when you fall
    Somewhere out on that horizon
    Far away from the neon sky
    I know there must be somethin’ better
    And I can’t stay another night
    In the city (oh, oh)
    (Ooh, ooh)
    In the city
    (Oh, oh)
    In the city
    In the city
    In the city (oh, oh)

  3. Liberals running cities for decades and the result is massive “stocholm syndrom”… idiot brainwashed liberals defend lawlessness with pride. It will come down to citizens self policing and suffering massive persecution for doing so.. wall them off….. then fill them with water…

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