Sometimes Hollywood producers will astound you with their supreme stupidity by cancelling a show for what can only be defined as imbecility.

In this era of “reality tv” is easy to understand that a low-cost TV show is appealing as hell to the bean-counters. But when you manage to get a good scripted TV show with not only good ratings but the best rating of any scripted show in your network which means it is bringing in viewers to the point advertisers are willing to pay extra, and you decide to kill the show, you are a frigging moron.

Longimire confirms that the theory of a Gary Copper High Noon character is alive and well and sells dispelling the notion that Justifed was just a hiccup on a TV line-up ridden with multi-pregnant moms and semi-celebrities behaving badly on a weekly basis. But apparently cop shows that do not happen in NY or Chicago or LA are somehow not gritty/edgy enough and therefore not  cool.

The characters in Longmire are all balanced according to the PC Police’s rules for equality across genders/minority count, but they have a general flaw: They are human. That means they can be good or bad or whatever they are with no special moral superiority just because you are not Anglo and that might have pissed off the Network that could not control a  bunch of Redneck Duck Hunters.  Bad guys run the gamut and the two top ones are the obligatory Anglo and a full blood Indian (sorry, Native American) who has no qualms in invoking the plight of his people while squeezing the shit out of them. That also means they have a script that does not give a damn about conventional TV wisdom which is a refreshing breeze across the Media Wasteland of today and makes the show entertaining.

And if the above are not reasons enough, I have two words for you: Katee Sackhoff.

Katee Sackhoff longmire


And now, a word from Craig Johnson, the author of the Longmire books from which the series is based.

There’s an old saying among cowboys—you ride for the brand. If you’re hired on, you do your job the best you can and you don’t whine or complain about the outfit—but there does come a time, if you are mistreated with intent, when you leave that employ and need to clear the air.
If you’ve been stapling barbed wire up in a lineman’s shack for the last couple of weeks, you might not be aware that the A&E network cancelled Longmire. We’re all still kind of reeling from the news that a network would cancel the highest-rated, scripted drama it’s ever had, a show that was consistently one of the top ten cable shows of any given week—one of the top 25 of the summer including the networks.
A lot of people have been asking me why?
The excuse that the network used was that ratings were down from the previous season from 4.2 to 3.9 million, but with adjusted DVR recordings, Longmire was still holding steady at close to 6 million… And that’s with A&E cutting us down to ten episodes and giving us a less than enviable lead-in–four-year-old reruns of Criminal Minds that were pulling -72%, no promotion or advertising, and a general ambivalence to the show as a whole.
The other excuse was that the show wasn’t pulling as much as they wanted in the 18-49 demographic. We more than hold our own in the 25-50 demographic—now, I’m no television executive (thank goodness), but I don’t know of any 18 year-olds out there who are buying Dodge trucks. I still remember being told that Longmire pretty much sold itself, “Oh, we’ve got advertisers lined up to such an extent that Dodge and Downy actually paid extra on the last two episodes of the season so that the show itself would be longer with fewer commercial interruptions.
So what gives?
A&E has made it clear that it wants to own and produce the shows it airs, and the one it doesn’t own, the highest-rated scripted drama they’ve ever had– Longmire—is not theirs. They’ve had success with Bates Motel (which, even with A&E’s blessings and full support, has yet to achieve the ratings Longmire has) and have had disasters like Those Who Kill (which was cancelled after only two weeks), but then they were trying to strong-arm Warner into selling them Longmire. Now, if I remember correctly, Warner Brothers were the ones who taught Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney how to be tough guys back in the thirties… Good luck with that, A&E. Maybe that next reality show, Tattooed Eskimo Swamp Hunters will turn out to be a winner.
At this point in time, the producers and Warner Horizon are pitching to other networks in hopes that one of them is smart enough to take on a proven winner like Longmire, and we’ll hopefully land in an environment that appreciates and supports the show.
People have been asking what they can do to help in finding Longmire a new home, and the best thing you can do is continue talking up the show in all the social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, blogs or the net-sphere. If you’re looking for a place to register your support, sign up for Twitter (it’s easy, even Walt could do it) if you aren’t already on there and join the blitz tonight (Monday) at 10 PM ET/9 C/8 MT/7 PT—the Longmire time slot—and keep tweeting and retweeting ‪#‎longlivelongmire‬.
From the response that A&E’s garnered from dropping Longmire, it looks as if it may be the biggest PR disaster for the network. People are actually contacting their cable and satellite providers and requesting that A&E be removed from their subscription packages.—they have had to hire on extra operators for the amount of complaints that have been registered.
In closing, I think those executives at A&E forgot to take one thing into consideration—we’re cowboys, we ride for the brand and we don’t walk away.
See you on the trail,

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “Long Live Longmire!”
  1. That seems to be the default nowadays. Popular show? High ratings? Strong fan base? Let’s cancel it because it costs an extra $1000/episode to make than some crap ‘reality show’. Blame ‘low ratings’ after bouncing its time slot around so many times people can’t find it. Futurama. Firefly. Babylon 5. Farscape. Deadliest Warrior. etc.

  2. I usually start watching a TV series AFTER it is cancelled, because that usually tells me that it offends the Powers That Be, and therefore is of interest to someone like me, who champions freedom, self-sufficiency, strength of character, the necessary use of violence in self-defense, etc.

    Shows like Firefly, Jericho, and Battlestar Galactica (the reboot) come to mind.

    And speaking of the latter, Katee Sackhoff is also in Longmire. So, time to see where I can find the series.

  3. It’s times like these when you just gotta suck it up and get the Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    Now that the groaning is over, think about it? Best way to get to these kind of people is to ‘social media’ and be VOCAL!

    This how the progressive liberal got started (and became dangerous) they didn’t have to be right, just out bitch everyone else, and keep in mind, if your hear the same thing over and over, even if it’s wrong, people will believe it!

    Moms demand is 100k screamin Mimi’s, not many, but they’re loud!
    Same for all the idiots in Feguson. Most of them are complete fools, and wrong, but they’re loud!

    Well, it’s time for us to work that in our favor, and sometimes that means facebook and twitter. Those are the numbers these tv shows and networks look at.

    There is a current campaign on both sites for Longmire, and the actors are very active in it too, which is great! BTW, active does NOT mean just once, repeatedly is the tactic to be used.


    Or, at LEAST, if you want to see this show continued, call and email the cable or satellite provider. Email other networks, TNT, USA, whoever you watch and encourage them to pick up the show.
    Let’s do this!

    Donna g

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