Another one punch kill tip from Mr. Scrappycrow.

Delafield man punched over tattoos dies, Brookfield man charged

A Delafield man died Wednesday, July 12, nearly a month after he was punched in the head outside a Hartland bar. Family said he was targeted over his tattoos. A Brookfield man is charged.

Family said Josh Davies was out on a date night with his wife on June 17 when a man he never met before made comments about his tattoos before throwing a punch.

Jamie Davies spoke with FOX6 hours after her older brother passed away.

“The suffering and pain my brother endured for the last 26 days was not his fault,” said Jamie Davies.

The group told police a stranger punched Davies, causing him to fall backward and hit his head on the cement. He suffered skull fractures and brain bleeds.

Prosecutors say witnesses heard Sehmer instantly make comments about the victim’s tattoos inside the bar, saying he was “going to hell, and God would not save him.”

Outside the bar, the complaint says witnesses saw Sehmer throw a stool at the victim before throwing a punch.

This is consistent with every other one punch kill I’ve documented.

The initial punch causes a loss of consciousness.  The victim falls and his their head on hard ground, usually concrete.  That impact causes a brain bleed and/or swelling, which is fatal.

I’ve documented deaths occurring days later, but I believe that 26 days post punch is the longest I’ve seen so far.

Traumatic brain injuries are fickle.  Patients can linger in comas for years.  Sometimes the brain heals, sometimes it doesn’t and the person dies, never regaining consciousness.

This is tragic and terrible.

I will continue to post this, unarmed doesn’t mean not dangerous.

A sucker punch can be lethal.

If some asshole gets in your face with malicious intent, distance is your friend.

Stay out of arms reach.  De-escalate of you can and be prepared to defend yourself if you can’t.

Whatever you do, don’t let your guard down and get clocked in the head.  You may never wake up again.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Longest one punch kill I’ve encountered yet”
  1. What I have found online is that the victim attempted to de-escalate, break contact, avoid a confrontation, after a chair was thrown in his direction by the attacker, “Prosecutors say surveillance video shows Davies walking away when the punch to the face was thrown in a dispute that started with Sehmer telling Davies the tattoos were obscuring the work of God.”
    So the victim ignored a drunken fool at a bar, did not engage, and would seem that he disregarded the idiot as unimportant, not a viable threat to consider. Witnesses say the attacker threw a chair first, and the video reveals that after the chair had no instigating affect, the attacker escalated to physical violence and punched the victim as he ignored him when he walked away.
    I suggest that with violent people like this, that you’ll end up in a physical altercation if you do not let your guard down. By keeping an eye on the attacker, you in essence will be viewed as inviting the conflict he wants to have with you. So you can’t win this type of battle by casually breaking contact. This level of insanity demands either fast flight, or engagement, involvement, there is no moral high ground to be had.
    You must strategically put yourself into a position where you can engage with better odds of survival against a deadly force threat. In looking at the attacker and the victim in this case, it is clear that the attacker was larger, stronger, and willing to break laws for an insane mindset, that God would approve of his violence. However he did look much slower.
    A firearm would have been the best tool to stop this type of threat. And in Wisconsin, only a criminal is carrying a firearm in a bar. So if this was me, in this same situation, I would have fled the bar faster than my attacker, gone to the car, retrieved my sidearm, concealed it in compliance with state laws and attempted again to de-escalate and break contact IF, If the attacker continued his attack on me out in the parking lot. If not, a fight not had, is a fight you won.
    Now, I know I can run faster than 90% of people who look like this attacker. Even at my age I can fly when needed and I do so several times a week in classes with students. I’m going to put a car between me and the attacker while being legally armed. If he has the energy to achieve a successful lethal attack on me in that case, I will stop his lethal threat.

    1. Only a small quibble … I’d call throwing a chair at someone physical violence in and of itself.

    2. THIS is why I don’t go where idiots practice ego indulgence… and here in Maine you CAN carry in bars as long as you are not drinking.. don’t go where these people hang out…

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