And my condolences to the judge’s family on account of his suicide.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Looks like we’re about to discover that QAnon is true”
  1. Ghislaine Maxwell will soon be transferred to the Jeffrey Epstein memorial cell where he wasn’t murdered.

  2. Mainstream outlets won’t cover it, or if they do, it will be cast as “right wing lies”. But it will still be out there, and that will be enough to make a lot of people uncomfortable.

  3. Covid-21, Son of Covid. Space aliens. Trumpista “insurrection”. Something horrible is going to happen, you just watch. Can’t spook “the end users”. (normies, mundanes, whatever you want to call regular folks).

      1. Next Country?

        Naaah. They will just keep bombing the usual suspects; Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Why change now, after 20 freakin’ years?

  4. “her suicide”, not “his” – unless mom was a serious Johnny Cash fan.

  5. Honestly, at this point, so many “conspiracy theories” have proven to be accurate that I’m wondering if I haven’t been really unfair to Flat Earthers and Moon Landing Hoaxers over the years.

    1. I’m still going to require evidence before accepting any ‘alternative’ theories, but I’m definitely ready to give just about anything a chance at this point.

  6. For real though: what’s gonna be done about it? Will anyone got to prison? To court? Will they even be charged?
    While the Q stuff has been good about opening people’s eyes, it also has one glaring fault: inducing complacency. So many of them deliver the message of “You don’t have to do anything, someone else will.”

    Anything that lulls you into not taking action, no matter how small, should be suspect. Are our ‘leaders’ corrupt? Sure, but we already knew that. Plan accordingly and don’t bet on someone else doing it for you.

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