We made it to right about where the main entrance of the school was, and the doors opened; school was out. There were only a few kids, probably 6 or 7 years old. Lots of talking and laughing. Gawking at us as we walked by, with our guns and huge ridiculous snow suits. One precocious little bugger made shooting noises at us. We made shooting noises back.
And then someone in my group. I don’t know who. God help me I don’t know who…
Someone threw a snowball and hit a little girl in the leg.
And those little Norwegian children unleashed hell.

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Just click on the frigging link. The Marines made the mistake of forgetting about the viking blood running through their veins and paid dearly for it 🙂

It is Monday, I figured we all need a good laugh.

Damn it, the scheduler fritzed on me…. OK, just enjoy.

Hat Tip to PMH

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