I am going to deviate from my usual single subject and touch on the Indiana RFRA cataclysm. While there s no doubt that the State of Indiana is getting a black eye on this thing, I see in the long-term that the loser is going to be the Gay community by large as they are starting to be perceived as bullies and hypocrites because of the actions of a militant few.

I don’t know who and why started this Indiana thing: 19 states have already Religion Freedom Restoration Act laws and at least 10 others have established court decisions that work the same. And that is not including that RFRA is Federal law, created by Democrats and signed by Clinton, so I suspect that a wee bit of staged hysteria and condemnation might be in play here for whatever political reason.

But two things are coming out as strong indicators that this was the wrong fight to pick and it is gonna blow back in their faces: First is the issue with the pizza parlor that said it wouldn’t cater to gay weddings. The backlash they suffered was brutal and downright abusive, including hacking of their website and posting pictures that belong in the best and worst of porn sites. What the Militant Gay Patrol and the Media at large was not expecting was a GoFundMe initiative in support of Memories Pizza that in about 24 hours has raised almost a half a million dollars. Clearly there is a lot of people who feel Memories have been wronged and bullied and are now throwing their support behind them.

The second thing and that literally sent a chill down my spine was one word being used against the Bully Gay Brigade: Gaystapo. This is one brand that is effective, concise and brings an avalanche of emotions that no amount of Big Media support is going to clean easily. Whoever came up with the term is a marketing genius. This is a massive pair black eyes and assorted black and blues all over the body the Gay Community and getting them because of a few abusive idiots.

Not long ago, it was hip to tell the Gun Culture to take example from the Gay Activists. By far and large they had a great record in eliminating the deep-seated bias against them. Some of the tactics were used, some were not and I have to say I think we are doing fine. But one tactic the Gun Community has that the Gay community has to embrace is our nonchalant attitude towards business that do not cater to gunnies: We simply do not give our money to them. No histrionics, no massive Twitter campaigns, no hacking, no arson threats, we just laugh, tell our buddies and go spend our hard-earned cash somewhere else where we are accepted as US Citizens. This attitude has been proven to be highly effective as wounded pockets make stupid people reconsider their positions.

And one more thing: Just because a splinter group claims to be on the same side as yours, does not make them immune to criticism and repulse. I am willing to bet that the great majority in the Gay community is a sick of this hysteria as everybody else, but do not feel it is appropriate to come against the Gaystapo for political reasons or be accused as traitor: bullshit, come at them with all you have. Your assholes in the Gaystapo are no different from our assholes from OCT Tarrant and the rest of the morons doing the Open Carry of rifles, making threats and acting like bullies because they could. We shunned their asses, told them to stop screwing the cause and by far they have been slinking away and becoming irrelevant before any more permanent damage could be caused.

If the Gay movement does not heel the barking puppies and spank them with a rolled newspaper soon, I am afraid they will soil the whole carpet for everybody and the level of people’s tolerance will be greatly reduced. This is something none of us want and does nothing to advance our country.  And it will be a sad postscript to say that the War against Gay Intolerance was lost for the wanting of a slice of pizza.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “Losing the war over a slice of pizza.”
  1. Gays are around 2% and these idiots are probably 2% of that number. I’ve never met any of the Gaystopo, and I’ve met quite a few gays over the years. Most are like the rest of us, they want to live their lives and be left alone.

  2. It should be noted that nobody has ever successfully used a RFRA as protection against a discrimination against homosexuals suit.

  3. While the news outlets were focusing on this brouhaha (I saw a CNN guy yelling at a state senator from Georgia last night), John Kerry was finalizing a deal with Iran that can only end with the destruction of Israel. Nobody was saying a word about that.

  4. The amount of hate being leveled at Indiana over this is just plain absurd, especially when the same laws (should) protect atheists from having to cater to religious functions they don’t agree to as well, such as the gay caterer in Ireland who got fined for refusing to make a wedding cake for a straight couple.

    Response of Conservative voices over that incident reinforced our stance that it’s a freedom issue, not a homophobia issue.

  5. The gay folks I know don’t want any part of this, they’re actually pissed about it.

    That being said, here in St Louis, the Ferguson movement was in large part hijacked by the Gaystapo from the beginning. Deray, Brittany Ferrell, Alexis Templeton, Keith Rose and a few others are charter members. They used Mike Brown to scream and be heard, and have pushed the militant agenda ever since.

    I can’t wait to see where these losers end up in a few years!

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