The teacher, the school administrators, the school board, most of the other teachers….

Here is the thing.

Did not one adult in the school at any point say: “Guys, maybe having a teacher bring his fetish to school and do a full blown drag routine in front of a bunch of middle school kids in the auditorium is a bad idea.  Like, what will parents say if they found out?”

Was there not a single, solitary voice of reason?

Because if not, if no other teacher or administrator thought that, or worse, thought it but was afraid to say it, then the entire system is broken and needs to be held accountable.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Lots of people to the chipper here”
  1. The 2nd one. If someone had said something, their name would be on the national news and they would be doxxed/threatened/harassed out of their job and home. Just like Mao era China.

  2. A possible answer to the question: “reason” is not a faculty to be found in a mob of pretend-teachers so bad that less than half their students meet basic skills tests.

  3. Tantiv V has a point though. It’s easy for us, because it’s not our livelihoods on the line (and knowing the behavior of leftist mobs, that can also move into having your literal life on the line, very quickly).

    Also, there’s the armored echo chamber these people live in. It makes the usual ‘bubble’ look downright porous. They have no peers — or anyone, really — who holds a differing opinion and will voice it. So EVERYONE is in agreement. They can’t imagine a situation where someone might object.

  4. Amy D @5chickadees tweeted a purported message from the school.

    In the message it says “Traditionally, the administrative team has never approved or disapproved of staff performances that were part of Fine Arts week” Presumably because teachers were not insane and could be counted on to not do crap like this. It goes on to say “Going forward, staff performance will be vetted by a team, including and Administrator.” So it appears they learned their lesson, you can’t trust today’s teachers.

    It goes on to say “The teacher involved resigned his position weeks ago. His resignation is in no way connected to his performance. He will not be returning to our school next year in order to pursue other career paths outside of education.” This makes me wonder if this was a last FU as he knew there would be no repercussions.

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