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8 thoughts on “Machinery like this will save the planet.”
  1. LOL 2 hrs of digging, followed by 8 hrs running a petroleum fueled generator to recharge it. But it’s “zero emissions.” I suppose you could use a manual shovel, but if it’s operator is fueled by Taco-Bell’s beef and bean chalupas, that may not be “zero emissions” either.

  2. Glenn Reynolds refers to the Tesla and others like it as “coal-powered vehicles” because the most likely source of grid power around here is a coal-fired steam plant.

  3. That thing actually has a legitimate place in the world that has nothing to do with the climate scam. You can use it in an explosive environment, and you can use it indoors.

    1. And if you have three or four of them, you can get a full days work from your one operator and crew. /s

      Actually most of them are going to be natural gas powered in the future. Our utility is phasing out all the coal fired plants for Combustion Turbines.

      1. Not if the green fanatics have anything to say about it. Fracking Is Evil, remember? As are pipelines. And NY, or CA, or both, are trying to outlaw natural gas service to new homes.

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