In the past I had supported Congressman Madison Cawthorn for being pro gun.

But this is just fucking stupid on his part:


Twice.  He’s done this shit twice!

I have a NC pistol permit.  It’s an 8-hour class that goes over not doing shit like this.

I get that he’s probably a busy guy but this is just irresponsible.

Here is where this story gets worse.

The article states that Charlotte Mecklenburg Police took possession of the gun.

This is the gun:


He lost possession of a $2,000 Sticcato C2!

Not just did he lose track of his carry piece, but he lost track of his $2,000 custom carry piece.

Not just is he going to face a $13,910 fine, but he’s going to lose his carry gun and pistol permit too.

In NC it’s forfeit if you are convinced of a gun crime, including misdemeanors.

I absolutely want pro-gun members of Congress.

But I want them to be examples of responsible gun ownership who don’t do dumb shit like this.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Madison Cawthorn is a dumbass and bad example of responsible gun ownership”
  1. There is no intelligence test required for running or taking elective political office in the U.S..
    Perhaps there should be, to try and weed out morons.
    I’ve found that most politicians possess one or more of following faults; narcissism, stupidity, avariciousness and mendacity.
    I’m not familiar with this particular kongresskritter, but he does appear to be well endowed with stupidity.

    1. You forgot to add the ambition to power. Some few may run to try to right what they see as wrongs, but even those have to have a strong drive to put up with the BS it takes to be elected.

      1. I include ‘ambition to power’ under being avaricious. I’ve seen very few politically powerful people who didn’t also wind up quite rich, which IMO is why they acquired the power…to get rich and get it ‘legally’

  2. Wow!! Makes ya wonder.
    This dude needs ejecting and quick.
    What a freaking idiot.

    I travel with weapons quite abit.
    Competitions, I have yet to be this GD stupid.

    Hell, I am constantly Sweeping my Travel Gear for Empties, Parts, Live Rounds, anything weapon related that could set my ass on fire at the Airport.

    I Badger my kids to the point they get pissed at me to sweep there Vehicles and Luggage before they go. They are forever going to see there friends in Very Gun Unfriendly States.

    How can anyone be this stupid and hold office ???
    With “Friends” like him, who needs damn enemies

  3. Was this a case of being absent minded or did he think he had some privilege to walk through screening with the weapon? Both are bad but in different ways.

    I weep for that poor (expensive) pistol and will gladly foster it into my loving home.

    1. He could redeem himself from these events if he used them to bring legal action to invalidate the TSA’s gun bans on 2nd Amendment grounds.

  4. Well, since he’s wheel chair bound I doubt he’s walking through security but geez, this is going to make his constituents think twice about voting for him again. Not his smartest move.

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