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4 thoughts on “Magazine backwards”
  1. It may well be just a place to put it without actually putting it in the gun. I obviously wouldn’t carry it out and about that way, but at a range where loaded weapons were not allowed other than at the firing line, it serves as a convenient way to not have to actually carry around the magazine.

    Or he could just be an idiot. Or a democrat.

    1. I dunno. Any “called” or “supervised” range I’ve shot at, this would likely not pass “not loaded” muster because you can’t tell at a glance from a distance it isn’t loaded.
      At a guess, this is right after a “tactical” reload and there’s enough friction that it didn’t fall out, maybe?

  2. Issue #1 is that’s a SERPA Holster; many ranges don’t allow them because reasons yall probably know. #2 Cold ranges don’t allow ammunition in the firearm in any manner, including this.

    But probably just someone tooling around so I don’t care.

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