The Soviet Union was known for carrying out show trials to convict political opponents of Stalin.

China under Chairman Mao had what were known as struggle sessions.  Chinese who did not show enough loyalty to the Community party were publicly tortured and humiliated until they showed absolute fealty to Communism, were executed, or committed suicide.

The American Left is fully embracing the same tactic.

They expect Conservative Americans to fully participate in their own show trials and humiliation.

Those who don’t are shamed.

If you want to know why not one Republican wanted to go on this CNN town hall, it’s because we all remember the one after Parkland.

Shall we recount what happened in that two-hour hate?

Here is a kid who is being openly hostile and insulting to a sitting United States Senator who knows he can’t do anything but be deferential to this mass shooting survivor.

Why would any Republican willingly subject themselves to such abuse?

They shouldn’t.

Rather than acknowledge that the last town hall got out of hand and that letting kids scream at people who showed up to have a good-faith discussion, and tell them that they have blood on their hands was not the best way to move forward on this topic.  Jake Tapper decides to shame Republicans for not participating in a gun control struggle session.

The gun debate in America was never a good-faith debate, but now they are not even pretending to want to debate anymore.

The next town hall in which is Republican shows up is going to look like the ending of Braveheart, breaking on the rack and all.  Which is exactly what they want.

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By J. Kb

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