Mark your calendars

The date for America’s second civil war is going to be sometime between Tuesday July, 31 and Tuesday November, 6.

On Tuesday July, 31 Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring from the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Left is now having an conniption of epic proportions.

All over social media the Left is saying that the selection of the next Justice has to be postponed until after the midterms, hoping that the “blue wave” will save them.  Then the Senate can hold of a Trump appointment to the supreme court indefinitely….?

The Left has a memory that ends November 8, 2016 because they all seem to forget that Obama appointed Justice Elena Kagan before a midterm election.  The “Biden Rule” only applied to presidential elections.

The Left is convinced that if Trump gets to pick a replacement than the court will immediately overturn Roe and Obergefell and maybe repeal the 13th Amendment some how.   Forgetting that the court doesn’t work like that at all and for a Supreme Court to revisit and reverse a previous decision, especially one that is only a few years old, is rare.

But who needs facts.  There is anger and a Trump appointment must be stopped because it is Armageddon for the Left.

Yep, hell to pay.

Violence in the streets to keep Trump from ever picking a new Justice.  Like I said, they think they can block a SCOTUS pick until Trump is out of office.

So is the idea that the Dems can hold a SCOTUS seat open for six more years?

Yes they do and they will riot if they have to.

More of the same.

Mitch McConnell said that he will move the Senate to pick a Kennedy replacement before November.

Given everything that is going on right now, I think that day, whenever it is, is the start of ACW2.

The Left can’t get any more nuts than it is now without going full on Revolution and having Kennedy replaced with another Gorsuch like character might be what breaks them.

I hope I’m wrong but right now I’m not sure how much worse they can get without killing people.






3 Replies to “Mark your calendars”

  1. How do these people make it through everyday and live? Everything is a crisis of ever increasing proportion. When yesterday’s crisis uses the strongest and most sensational apocalyptic description, how can they the amp up the verbiage for tomorrow even greater crisis? It cannot be a healthy (physical, spiritual, psychological) way to live.

  2. To the uber-triggered progtards: Don’t want none don’t start none.

    To my fellow POTG: Stay alert & keep your powder dry.

    ‘Nuff said.

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