Dude needs to calm the fuck down.

Now image being someone doing nothing and having a fully grown adult male bear down on in full “I’m going to kick your ass” body language.

That guy sent every signal that would make a claim of self defense against him justified.

That mask doesn’t stop pepper spray or bullets and better than it does COVID.

That was an incredible display of stupidity and bravado and this guy is lucky, depending on where this was, that he walked away from this without being maced, tazered, or shot.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Masker goes stupid and could have gotten himself hurt”
  1. Without watching this, Im going to say prob in a heavy libtard zone so he was thinkin he is safe from joe average being armed. These people do this shiite because there is zero consequences for doing it- its “social media” in real life. We the People need to get control of America …

    1. Everywhere where the stupid is strong. I see maskers at Publix and Walmart in Gainesville, FL. And they look down on us free-breathers.

      1. I was at a Knoxville-area Walmart a couple of days ago and there were a few masked individuals, mostly of the elderly persuasion. Nobody seemed to be making a fuss either way. Something to do with reported cases hereabouts being near-zero the past few weeks, maybe.
        But there’s definitely a mask-and-“vaxx” cult, still strong in some areas, where those who don’t wear the Holy Muzzle and carry the Certificate of Initiation are to be shunned.

    2. I’m in east Orlando, and we still have some people who still go to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Winn Dixie, and Publix (mentioning the places I almost exclusively go to anymore) wearing masks. Not as many as during the Delta and Omicron surges. You definitely still see employees at businesses forced to still wear masks.

      But on the whole, everyone who wanted a vax got a vax, got told they could stop masking, stopped wearing a mask, got told to start wearing a mask again, but got tired of that shit pretty quick, stopped wearing a mask, and then the CDC told everyone “you don’t have to wear a mask if you’ve gotten at least a full dose, and definitely if you’ve gotten a booster shot.” Basically, everyone still masking up are the people who haven’t heard/understood they can stop, have never gotten the vax, or are the abject panties in a bind, “you’re killing grandma” crowd

  2. The teen that held him back did well. So did the unseen person that shoved an empty cart in his way,

    I would hate to have to try to stop or fight him just because that idiot decided to tee up on me personally. Way too much could go wrong for either, or both of us, or for some bystander. Even if you win, you are going to lose because the criminal injustice system will run you through the process.

    The only best way to win a fight like this is to avoid it. I am glad so many people stepped up to help the unseen victim avoid it.

  3. We don’t see what happened before the video starts, but I’m sure there were words exchanged and tuff-mask-guy got butt hurt. And tuff guy is at a bit of a tactical disadvantage with the mask on, glasses and his hat pulled low – any contact to his head is going to result in impaired visibility. Which is ripe for a knockout. I’m sure the lack of logic of trying to fight someone because they don’t have a mask, which means you have to contact them to fight them was lost on tuff guy once he got butt hurt….some people just aren’t that bright.

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