This is a hell of a story out of Florida:

Bystander shoots, kills person who threatened to ‘shoot the crowd up’

The tables turned on an armed person who was shot and killed after announcing plans to “shoot up the crowd” on Sunday night.

According to officers, a 911 call came in saying someone had been shot, the caller also said he shot the person who took a short-barreled shotgun out of a car, threatening to “shoot the crowd up”.

After an investigation, detectives say a fight broke out between two women, which turned into a brawl of around 20 people. The suspected gunman was 22 years old and from West Palm Beach, but the name and gender have not been released.

The police department says the 22-year-old refused to drop the weapon after multiple people confronted the suspect.

That’s when a 32-year-old man fired his weapon, hitting the armed suspect. The man had a concealed weapon license and remained on the scene with police to cooperate with the investigation.

As of right now, charges have not been filed against the man with the CCW permit.

IANAL, but I’m pretty sure this was a good shoot.

Pulling out a shotgun and threatening to shoot up a crowd can pretty reasonably assumed to be a threat of imminent death or grave bodily harm.

It’s a good thing that the CCW was there to terminally de-escalate the threat before any innocent people were hurt or killed.

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